Q&A: Mid tip of golf shaft?

Question by hahahaha: Mid tip of golf shaft?
The shaft on my r7 says it is a mid tip. What does that mean?

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Answer by googie
Many people bought the ” mid tip ” and to this date I have no idea what it means. If it raises curiosity it has already served its purpose. Just like the step tapered shafts of old. There was no way to produce an inexpensive graduated tapered shaft so the hype was the ” step taper ” which involved a cheaper manufacturing method. Every body thought ” True Temper ” had the magic formula and the process is still used today.

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  • wbaker777:

    well since Tip is categorized as Stiff or the reverse Soft…..It would follow that a mid tip would be somewhere inbetween……but I honestly think its more hype than actual.

  • obxjim2002:

    In a golf shaft there are many specs…(length, flex, torque, butt stiffness, tip stiffness, butt diameter, tip diameter, etc.)

    to your question…

    there are three basic tip flexes: High Kick Tip, Mid Kick Tip, Low Kick Tip.

    A high kick tip is the stiffest, which means it will produce the lowest trajectory (usually used by players with faster swing speeds)

    A low kick tip is the…er unstiffest? which means it will produce a higher trajectory (used by players with low swing speeds)

    A Mid Kick Tip, or mid tip, is the flex used by most golfers as it is a sort of inbetweener thing.

    Hope this helps!

  • dennis w:

    most irons are tapered tip there is no tipping they are put in the heads and then cut from the butt end,differences between taper tips is a step pattern what the manufacture is looking for ,and sometimes the manufacture has the manufacture of the shafts to make a certain step pattern and length of steps .which all makes a difference and where the shaft kicks