Q&A: Is the VW Golf hatchback a good car for sleeping in?

Question by dandilionhair: Is the VW Golf hatchback a good car for sleeping in?
I’m considering a 2002 Golf and am planning on taking a few car camping trips… anyone with experience sleeping in one or any tips for making it comfy are greatly appreciated! 🙂
Thank you all for the answers : ) sooo sleeping 2 people in the back is pretty out of the question i guess!

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Answer by djaca70
Get a tent, it will be much more comfortable.

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  • eten_23:

    No. It is too short and you would not be able to have any other items in the car at the same time. Perhaps a Jetta or Passat wagon, but not a Golf.

  • the Horses Butt:

    I had two Type 3 station wagons(old air cooled models) and when the back seat was folded down it made a flat surface big enough for a 6″ length (diagonally)which made it okay for the sleeping bag.
    I also had the early Rabbit(4 door) which is the precursor to the Golf(the only thing different was the lettering). but nothing in it seemed to flatten out that long. The best one could do for length is the passenger seat and that really is up to you whether you can sleep at that incline. Really, when you go to look at it, do not have them just mouth off the words it can do this and that. Make them do it and try it out for fit(just like you were trying out a pair of shoes). Then you know

  • cant_think_of_1:

    It depends on how tall are you. I’m 5’10.

    When you fold down the rear seats… I sleep sort of fetal position. All, the rear floor is about 1 inch lower than the rear seats. It also contorts my back a bit. You can get those camping foam pads to use the level of the rear floor a bit.

    Though sleeping in a tent in the rain….miserable. I’ll live with a little pain sleeping in the car.

    Find yourself a Jetta wagon.

    My passat wagon is more comfy to sleep in the back

  • skittlz:

    i don’t know about an 02 but i sleep in my 91 and my 88 all the time. the front when i’m by myself or with my boy. or the rear with seat down when i’m with my love. in the case of the rear i would say yes if you can deal with a slight incline, the front definitely if your seat goes all the way down like an a2. just try it out before you buy it to see if you can get comfy enough to sleep.