Q&A: How do I plan a golf vacation to Scotland?

Question by Quinn D: How do I plan a golf vacation to Scotland?
My family and I are planning a golf vacation to Scotland in the summer of next year. We hope to play the St Andrews Old Course, Turnberry, Carnoustie and other “hidden gems” while we are there. Does anyone have any relevant information that will help us plan our trip? What clothes to wear, courses to play etc? Thanks for any help.

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Answer by Julie
Hi. You will love, that’s for sure. The Scottish people are a friendly bunch and they have so many good golf courses that you can play when you are there. The weather is very changeable so take waterproofs in your bag (and plenty of balls) 😉 My husband and I booked our golf tour through a Scottish golf company called Prestige Golf Vacations Scotland. They were very helpful and organized everything for us including our hotel, golf tee times and transport. Their website is http://www.prestige-golf-vacations-scotland.com I hope this helps. I am sure you will have a great time. We can’t wait to go back!

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  • Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!:

    I’ve done three golf trips to the British Isles. A few hints:

    -The courses you list are all in high demand over the summer (St. Andrews esp). You’ll need to have proof of handicaps (their limits vary but max for men is in the 18-22 range). If you DIY it you need to start booking tee times NOW.
    -There are tour operators who can help you arrange tee times and pretty much the entire trip, but understand that you are paying for a service and their expertise. You will pay a premium for their work, but it’s down to a decision you have to make with regard to the DIY v. Tour Operator choice. Personally I’ve used a local Tour Operator who has been great to work with. I won’t list them here for several reasons (don’t want you to think I’m doing their bidding, Y!A policy concerns).
    -If you work with a Tour Operator, they can walk you through which airport is the best option for you.
    -You will need to rent (hire) a van to handle your clubs, baggage, etc. Cars in the British Isles are much smaller than what you’re used to.
    -Bring plenty of golf balls (they’re notoriously expensive in Scotland).
    -Research any Tour Operator thoroughly. You will be paying them a lot of money.
    -Pay with a credit card (this gives you legal protection if they fail to deliver).
    -Bring rainwear. I can pretty much promise you that you will get rain. You want something waterproof (think GoreTex). Water resistant? Don’t even bother.
    -Something may only look a few miles, but could take some time based on traffic and other issues.
    -Bring two pair of golf shoes to rotate if you plan on playing every day.
    -Expect to walk. These courses do not have buggies (what you think are golf carts). A trolley/cart is a pull cart.
    -Eat the local cuisine. Seriously. The locals are eating it and they’re not dropping dead.
    -Where an option, hire a caddy and tip accordingly.
    -Don’t scrimp on travel bags. I’ve seen baggage handlers with golf bags…it isn’t pretty.
    -As to your golf bag, if at all possible use a carry bag (it will cut down on total weight and make it easier to walk/carry/pull).
    -Pace of play at St.Andrews can be brutal, but keep up with the group in front of you.
    -Have a post-round adult beverage.

    This shouldn’t dissuade you from going over; it’s a wonderful trip and you’ll have a great time.

  • Jason G:

    There are several websites you can visit to plan your Scotland golf vacation. If you watched the British Open, you know that the weather is hard to forecast. Try these sites:


    Good luck. There are 6 courses at St. Andrews. Kingsbarns is another to check out. It’s in the rota of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championships along with Carnoustie and St. Andrews. It’s the Pebble Beach Pro-Am of the European Tour. Prestwick and North Berwick will satisfy you if you don’t get onto St. Andrews.