Q&A: Golf Tips??????????….?

Question by Pez: Golf Tips??????????….?
I am going to play golf tomorrow. I can drive 220 yards with an old fashion driver, (not the big head one). I am 13. What tips can I use for all around golf? Thanks

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Answer by jag_74604
Just relax and have a good time. Don’t try to hit the ball hard, just try to get it closer to the hole. Practice on you chipping and putting and it will take you far.

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  • Planet Conqueror:

    Simple tips such as relaxation and confidence are a must, but for the best tips you should take some lessons with your local pro, he can tell you some great tips whether related to golf or how you can strengthen mentally.

  • Leon:

    One of the most common tips but important….keep your eye on the ball and just stroke the ball gently. Enjoy

  • Jeff:

    Just relax go out there and have a good time. If you are playing a little slow and the people behind you are getting pissed off just let them play threw and continue on your way. Golf is a great game but too many people who are probably weekend golfers at best get all pissed off if they dont play perfect.