Q&A: golf tips, how many can you come up with, quality counts?

Question by wayne m: golf tips, how many can you come up with, quality counts?
Give me all your favorite Golf tips, Anything and everything Involving Golf and Golf Tips 😛 The Person with the highest quality and most tips will probally be the best answer

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Answer by madisonblly
OK here are some tips: make certain there are no extremes in your set up to do this your feet shoulders and hips hould be aligned or very close this influences your swing about 80%.

Always make sure you weight is even on both feet this will ensure no slumping of the shoulders that will throw off your swing my a large degree.

Keep your grip firm yet relaxed to promote a full release of the club almost as if you were going to throw the club down the fairway.

Stand up tall and relaxed bend over slightly and slightly bend your knees this should allow your swing to be upright and not flat but be carefu lnot to stand up to tall or you will get to steep.

Always commit to your shot 60% of all bad shot are because of being tenitive go for it and follow through.

My number one tip is to stay centered on all shots the goal in golf is to return the club to the ball the same way you set up to it, be a golfing machine stay cenetered turn back and finish facing your target easy.

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  • Kyle S:

    be at a 90 degree angle with you and your golf ball. always look at the ball during your stroke until your arm extends all the way and will naturally move your head. very slghtly bend at your knees and keep your front foot planted. as you tee-off/ swing, twist your back foot (like a baseball swing) and keep your head down. these are just a few pointers on better strokes

  • berryv1:

    Burn a big Fatty right before teeing off and you’ll be real relaxed. this promotes a good release of the club.

  • wbaker777:

    golf tips are a dime a dozen and overpriced at that.