Q&A: golf equipment for lefties

Question by derekradac: golf equipment for lefties
witch website has the best prices on new name brand equipment (titleist, Nike, callaway, etc.) for lefties.

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  • Top D:

    i just got new clubs and I’m leftie. go to house of golf in malvine nere the school de la salle ( thats if you live nere there if not sorry cant help) i got somw srixons at a realy good price i think it was $ 500 for fullset and bag and there great clubs:)

  • Jeff M:

    You should check out Rock Bottom Golf’s Lefties section. They don’t have a huge selection, but they’re always getting new stuff and what they DO have is usually at a great price.


    You can also sign up for a Lefties-only newsletter there. It comes out about once a month or so, usually has five or six deals.

  • Mizer:

    I’m a lefty too. In the past when I’ve gone to a pro-shop or big golf superstore, they rarely have a good selection of lefty demo clubs to try.

    The best luck I’ve had is going to a demo days at local courses. Most of the major manufacturers attend and they always have a lefty model for me to try. Pretty late in the year for demo days now though. They usually have them in the spring where I live.

    As far as which website has the best prices on NEW brand name equipment…..the prices are pretty much the same. For example, if you went to tgw.com, edwinwatts.com, golfgalaxy.com, or dickssportinggoods.com looking for a brand new Callaway or TaylorMade driver, the prices will be the same. I think the manufacturers have the selling price set in stone and the retailers abide by it.

  • Flatstick:

    Golf Galaxy guarantees the lowest price anywhere.

  • phatboy:

    Golfsmith.com. They have the largest selection of golf equipment in the industry. The staff is highly trained and will help you with what you want.