Q&A: beginner golf tips?

Question by Scott3193: beginner golf tips?
when i swing my club it spins in my hands so i end up hitting the ball with the top fo the club
been golfing for 4 yars and its only the past year this has happened

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Answer by da_hal
buy any beginner’s golf book. you need to get a good grip. i used the one by ben hogan.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: beginner golf tips?”

  • donmustard@sbcglobal.net:

    your over swinging…tip of the day is just hit the ball with no agression!

  • T.N. Crumpets:

    Ditto on the Hogan book. 5 lessons on golf, or something like that.

  • pflem:

    There are lots of places you can go on the web to find good information on beginner golf tips. It sounds like you need to go over all of the basics like grip, stance and swing.

    Check out http://www.GolfFoundations.com for all kinds of basic tips and information.