Proper Golf Swing Grip by Brian Mogg Brian Mogg, instructor of champions, teaches the correct way to hold a golf club.

Christo Garcia - Thoughts on the Classic Golf Swing

Here’s a short interview where I talk about the aspects of the classic golf swing that I believe so much in, specifically the lower body action.

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  • GolfShortcutSecrets:
  • Joe Scopelite:

    Christo, Have you been able to take the left side of the course out of
    play like Hogan said he was able to do? I think he was very proud of the
    fact that he was so dialed in with his swing and the corrections he made to
    get rid of the big right to left miss that after a while he virtually
    eliminated the unwanted draw or hook from ever showing up. Have you seen
    similar results as your swing has evolved?

  • Rob W:

    what are you talking about , the modern golf swing is power by using the
    lower body , why you think it looks so effortlessly when the hit the ball a
    mile today

  • sandman4224:

    Glad that you’re showing more Nicklaus, Christo. He was even more leg
    driven than Hogan.

  • james ruhnke:

    Most of the pro-modern swing comments here are neglecting the modern driver
    and ball. The larger faces allow more inconsistency and the ball of today
    does not spin as much as the older balls. If you gave these modern pros an
    old ball they would be all over the countryside. The size of the sweet spot
    on a driver is about 5 times larger today. You guys have got to realize
    that there is money being made by making it easier for an average golfer to
    hit a long drive. But, at the same time, it has lessened the caliber of the
    top golfers. Think about it, if I gave a list of guys who had won at least
    40 tournaments, 18 would be classic swingers and only 3 modern. The sport
    is going to pot because of a profit-based philosophy. You have a new winner
    every week. One week a guy is 12 under and the next week he misses the cut
    at 8 over. Pretty bad stuff.

  • Jonathan Chose:

    Modern swing; Twist the upper body against a resisting lower body as much
    as you can, than twist it some more by finally using the lower body to
    start the downswing. Works well if you are VERY flexible. Noticed the
    number of injuries on the PGA tour in the last 10 years, even tho these
    players train like crazy to get stronger and more flexible?

    Classic swing:
    Perfect exemple today: Bubba Watson. Probably never trained in his life,
    use his legs like crazy and hit it a mile. He will still be hitting it a
    mile in his 40s. Can’t say that from any modern swing…

    Golf is taking steps backwards as it is, just remember it is a young sport
    technically wise. 

  • Brice Ris:

    Wait does the modern golf swing not use hip rotation? everything I know is
    a lie o_O

  • Daniel Molnar:

    Ban Hogan and Jack, as well as Arnie weren’t playing with the equipment and
    balls that are the norm today. Ben Hogan, who was a small man and Jack is
    not tall either, had to really use “power” to hit the ball far off the tee.
    The name of the game today is “speed” not “power.” The way to get more
    club head speed is to allow the smaller “twitch” muscles come into play.
    That means the hands, wrists and forearms. The leg, hips and shoulder are
    large muscles, that are meant for power, not speed. The new lighter clubs,
    with trampoline effect, are made to order for getting the club head moving
    fast with the hands. By holding the lower body position and allowing the
    big muscles to tighten on the backswing, you are much more assured of
    keeping the shoulders from rotating too soon. I concentrate on keeping my
    lower body in the stable position over the setup position throughout the
    backswing, and then when I feel the big muscles stop me, I move my left hip
    forward, not rotating, and try to move my hands down as fast as possible
    all the way through the swing to the finish. That is the most efficient
    swing! Oh, I’m 76 years old and still hit the ball farther than most men
    in my age range and even younger guys.

  • John Malihi:

    Totally agree with you , Christo, do you have any videos or suggestions on
    how to turn lower body faster, cheers

  • myswingevolution .:
  • John Malihi:

    Totally agree with you , Christo, do you have any videos or suggestions on
    how to turn lower body faster, cheers

  • @GolfNerdShow:

    Love your videos Christo! I’m also in my 40’s working on the whole game
    (not just swing) this summery very hard. Here’s a a great video I found of
    Tom Watson Tom Watson Iron Face On FO, and I just love how he turns back
    into his right hip, the true definition of “posting up”. Pause it at the
    top of the backswing – that is a thing of beauty. This is the only way that
    I could ever get the right amount of shoulder turn that I need. Working
    hard on it – now I need to incorporate the “atomic elbow”!

  • Adam Zapata:

    Could you do a video on ball position it would help a lot thanks +myswingevolution

  • Twook Pressley:

    can you do a witb with victor?

  • MarcHill83:

    Thanks to one of your videos. I was able to keep my ball in play the whole
    day. One of your drills that helped the most was keeping your right palm
    point through the target and a light grip pressure on my left hand. This
    prevented my hands from flipping and snap hooking my ball. Thanks Christo 

  • Ball Striker:

    One thing people need to remember is that Hogan was short in stature and
    therefore he had to swing very aggressive, with his body. He had to put
    every ounce into the ball to make it go far. We’re not all built like Hogan
    and I found out the hard way by tearing a few ligaments in my left knee
    when I was working on my lower body movements. It took more than a year to
    heal naturally. Beware not to over work the lower body. I’m a big guy with
    huge shoulders so I use my legs to literally keep me up and not necessarily
    to swing the club with. I use momentum to my advantage.

  • James Bob:

    It’s called the right sided swing by Garry edwin. All his players look like
    hogan through the ball and to the finish, but 0 lower body movement on the
    down swing !!!! Get onto it if you want to look like hogan

  • Brian Moylan:

    Christo… love ur ideas on the classic swing… its time to fly to hawaii
    and discuss ur ideas with kelvin and further your swing evolution… heck
    maybe get him on camera. I.m witnessing the trend in ur videos to his
    biomechanical swing thoughts.

    I tend to favor classic swingers with similar body builds like mine versus
    the slim and trim golf professionals who focus a lot of time on

  • MichaelSorrentino:

    Is it hard to adopt the classic swing if I have had some knee injuries? 

  • Mox_au:

    It’s so refreshing to hear another person who shares my opinion on
    restricting the hips, I’ve always considered it completely unnatural. Good
    stuff :)