Portugal O’Connor Golf Course Mark Crossfield

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Portugal O’Connor Golf Course Mark Crossfield”

  • westonp80:

    It’s a “utility iron,” apparently Ernie Els is all over that too…

  • Christian V Petersen:

    Hard not to stand up in the office at that put – at 8:51 

  • Nick Hough:

    Parrfield strikes again! 🙂
    No wonder your pitch on the first was ‘less than best’ Mark, you measured
    it at ’87 (boring) yards’. That should have been ’87 of Nikon’s finest’
    and you’d have stiffed the pitch……you KNOW there’s a difference!
    You still (predictably) made Par though!!
    I’m loving the excitement in your voice as Matt sneaks his first putt long
    to leave himself ‘one of those!’…..and the UTTER disappointment at your
    missed birdie putt on the second…..Most of us subscribers would be
    delighted to find your ‘par’ consistency, however, time for a few putter
    reviews maybe?? 😉
    Keep the vids coming!

  • Ian Wallace:

    Another great video

  • Hugo Brehier:

    The ball flight at 7:30

  • Abritinva Abritinva:

    Nice putt Matt! Great vid as always Mark

  • joseph dooley:

    Christy o conner designed ?

  • Coach Lockey:

    Castle tees are embarrassing because of the pink but great for consistency.
    Glad everyone is enjoying the monster putt.
    Guru everyone wants a WITB with @CoachLockey 

  • EastbayGolfer:

    Mark…. with both golfers about equal it makes for somewhat “boring”
    golf. James added those crazy long distances which spiced it up (2 iron off
    the tee). Also, I really liked it when you added it some slow mo and
    discussions about shot shaping.

  • Lewis George:

    Get the feeling I’m not the only one that eagerly awaits these course vlogs
    day after day. Mark is THE most competitive man ever, it actually has me
    chuckling to myself while watching.

  • Kenyon Knight:

    Great video. Keep ’em coming!

  • hummingfish:

    7:30 I love when you can actually see the flight of the ball. Nice shot.

  • Owen Pow:

    Mark Parfield 

  • golfninja:

    Got yourself to some great courses on this trip Mr Crossfield, real proper
    examinations, need to be on form to score on these. Would be great to see
    an ‘in the bag’ Portugal comparison between you both. Using those new ‘game
    improvement irons’ pretty well Mr Crossfield !! 🙂 Awesome “Lockster” putt,
    pressure … pressure !!!

  • livid coco:

    Whoooo go castles

  • Chris Walsh:

    Dat put do