Players Opinions – Best Driver In Golf

The pros answer our question: who is the best driver in golf? Hear what they had to say on the PGA, LPGA and Senior Tour. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW ON WHO YOU TH…
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25 Responses to “Players Opinions – Best Driver In Golf”

  • James Lythgoe:

    When Horgan said that Jack Nicklaus’s greatness is unrated, I couldn’t
    agree more with him.

  • colby blasenak:

    No Ernie Els?? Guy mashes the ball!

  • Peter Bisconti:

    Calvin Peete

  • starsail85:

    no doubt, greg norman in the modern era, but Im sure those who saw hogan
    would disagree


    He may not have the majors, but for years, noone hit them as good as Greg
    Norman. He hardly ever faulted with driver in hand, rarely was it ever off
    the fairway. Jack was great, but in my opinion and from what I can remember
    watching, Norman is who I’m goin with.

  • Gary Leibner:

    Jack Nicklaus without a doubt 18 majors 1st, 2nd in majors 19 times Think
    about it

  • Paul EJ:

    The Open Suited Him because of the RUN of the fairways and the accuracy
    required with his irons. He also had the short game required for the links
    type of golf…keep it low and run the ball with great imagination He
    learned those skills in Texas on HARD ground courses. Have a look at the
    courses he won his US Open and PGA majors on NONE of them were long but
    they required ACCURACY from tee to green Merion in 1971 for example. Not
    long but REALLY tight

  • Paul EJ:

    Oddyseus….I also love Trevino …but he did NOT hit the driver 300 yards.
    He was actually on the shorter side…that’s why Augusta National did NOT
    suit him He hit a fade as standard and averaged around 260 yards in his
    prime. However if you could combine his MAGNIFICENT impact position and
    club face squareness to target line, with Tigers swing speed, then you
    would have the longest straightest diver who ever lived.

  • southernflyer21:

    Adam Scott

  • j.r raphard:

    well thats what my statement to mr oddyseus91 was about, lee was in jacks
    way from winning more majors jack could of won more lee was almost perfect
    ball striker weird swing but always in the fairway people would be
    surprised when lee hit off the tee to the rough because it was rare he lead
    in irons every winning year but no one remember lee trevino on this video

  • RK831:

    Lee won six majors, and four of them he stole from Jack.

  • RK831:

    Greg was the best persimmon driver ever.

  • Eric Stenzel:

    Fred Funk over Jack Nicklaus? Are you high?

  • Eric Stenzel:

    Remove the women from the interview process; they have no knowledge of
    golf, or sports in general.

  • Eric Stenzel:

    No doubt, JACK NICKLAUS! No nigga.

  • j.r raphard:

    i played pro golf for 30-40 years maybe you should google the tournments
    jack vs lee learn the history of golfer lee trevino hitting more balls in
    the fairway then jack,yes jack had more distance then most golfer in that
    era yes but lee was a ball striking genius most golfers in the era look up
    to the marry mex because he always stayed in the fairway with his woods and
    irons,and he beat jack in the us open and other tournment jack admited lee
    was a problem for him or he would of won more majors

  • oddyseus91:

    Lee Trevino was by no means a long hitter for his time, infact he was
    towards the bottom half of the PGA Tour at the time. When he played jack in
    the US open playoff he was getting outdriven by 40 yards consistently.

  • j.r raphard:

    people forget ole lee trevino he was hitting 300+down the fairway without
    thinking kicked jacks ass 3 times 2times in majors lee was a head of his
    time using old woods made of cheap wood and old used irons boy you talk
    about underrated

  • TheGolfer231:

    why are chicks involved in this conversation?

  • Slick Rick Monty:

    Don’t you mean Moe Norman?


    I saw Jack Nicklaus hit the driver on the practice range and the golf
    course at the 50th PGA Championship, at Pecan Valley CC in San Antonio, Tx.
    Remember we were hitting persimmon woods back then. Jack would consistently
    hit bombs out to the 290-300 yard range and very accurate. When needed,
    he’d crank it further. Imo, he was the best driver of all time, you had to
    see it to believe it!!!

  • McFinntastic:

    Casey said Norman. But I agree, very surprised more didn’t mention him.
    Long and straight, shades of his fantastic driving ability in Adam Scott

  • hakitoast:

    Mike Austin

  • RAV3KID420:

    “I love a combination of long and straight.” – Luke Donald

  • James Lovibond:

    How did they miss Greg Norman, disappointing 🙁