Pick The Best Golf Ball For Your Game

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Who says golf isn’t a contact sport? Here’s a compilation of entertaining, painful, and idiotic golf-related mishaps — including falls, errant shots, and pl…
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50 Responses to “Pick The Best Golf Ball For Your Game”

  • Mark Crossfield:
  • David Wayne:

    Is it worth playing a pro v1 in the winter? I was under the impression that
    the cold weather would stop them softening up and getting the spin. How
    much does temperature affect the performance?

  • brangyrc411:

    buying a fitted golf ball now, huh, ill just stick to finding them in the
    fescue 😀

  • Stephen Masters:

    As mentioned by one other post, the roll after carry was essentially the
    same. The data showed the NXT landed softer which offset the higher spin of
    the Pro V. Am I missing something?

  • arty4358:

    Hi Mark,
    Have you been hitting the gym with the gorilla, I notice your club head
    speed has gone up quite a bit in the last year, maybe 10 mph. Any tips on
    how you achieved this increase? Thanks

  • Blake DiNunzio:

    I was about a 20-25 handicap for majority of the season (first season btw!)
    The only thing that changed was my golfball (i used anything i found, and
    now a lower end titliest is what i use) and i can consecutively shoot 10-15
    handicap. Da fuq? lol

  • scortongardy:

    I only think you should be considering what ball you are hitting when you
    get to a low handicap say 10 or lower. I’m not saying use a crappy and
    wrecked ball if your playing off 20 for example but when you are playing
    off 20 for example and your not hitting the ball out of the center every
    time then it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re using a Srixon, Nike,
    Titliest, TaylorMade etc etc a toe hit is a toe hit for example the ball
    won’t make an impact.

  • Nick Hickman:

    I did play callaway hex black’s until I noticed that they were not
    particularly durable. Now I’m switching between Srixon AD33 and Pro V1’s
    depending on the course / how I’m feeling.

  • Peter Pettersson:

    used to play Titleist Pro V1 but now playing Wilson FG Tour. It feels a
    little bit softer and is slightly cheeper.

  • icecreamania:

    The spin is higher, but the launch is lower with the Pro V1x. Does that
    mean it’ll have similar roll on the green?

  • Brabre Borbisia:

    Hi Mark, I was wondering what dynamic loft is (last column of the data
    sheet) ? Also, why is the launch angle so different from one ball to the
    other ?
    Also, if you calculate total distance minus carry distance you end up with
    6.5 yards and 6.4 yards …. why is the difference so little ? … Because
    of the nature of the shot being played ?


  • Ian Simcox:

    Great video and very interesting to see the difference. Would love to see
    you do this test with some of the other companies’ premium balls to see if
    the Mizuno MP-S, Nike 20Xi or Srixon Z Star get anywhere near the RPM of
    the Pro V1.

  • Grant Hilditch:

    Numbers, numbers, numbers. I want to see real data I can understand and
    relate to in the real world. What does that 1000+ rpm mean in actual
    reduced roll on a green or spin back. Out of 10 identical shots with each
    ball to the same pin would the PV1X actually be measurably closer? having
    said that, great videos Mark, Thanks

  • Shanon Cuskelly:

    Mark, we love you but seriously, what is this crap? We want to hear your
    great independent opinions, not some idiot from Titleist chirping on in the
    background about how great his product is. Stick to your great comparison
    vids and scrap the product endorsement bullshit!

  • Justin Bordwell:

    Most golfers don’t need good balls because they skull and chilli dip shots
    around the green and have no short games skills anyways. I’m an 8 handicap
    and I can shoot the same round with a range ball.

  • Craig Fletcher:

    pro v1 is a good ball but some how i play better .. putting and chipping
    with the( nike one ) ball and i play off a 12 handicap and that.s all what
    matters i think is what u are comfy with … and whats that below with i
    play off round about 10 -15 handicap .. play a tournement and find out what
    u play young man instead of guessing

  • mpbyrne:

    Yep, golf ball for me is a cost decision, rather than performance.
    Obviously all the top end manufacturers make top balls which everyone
    should use. But agree with the comment below, save the money for the beer
    if you’re losing more than a couple of balls a round. I found the Srixon
    Soft Feel / AD333 are pretty good value balls for the performance and feel.

  • Jeff Jeffery:

    I’m amazed that they’d suggest the Pro V1x balls are suitable for ALL
    handicaps. I was always under the impression that there were ‘right’ balls
    for the different standards of players.

    As other have mentioned though, for a high handicapper like me, who rarely
    doesn’t lose a ball or two (or four or five) during a round, an expensive
    ball like the Pro V1x might well help me drop a few shots but it’s
    definitely going to be expensive:

    AMAZON PRICE: £45.99 for a dozen of the 2013 model of the Pro V1X, compared
    to £13.99 for 15 of the 2012 model Pinnacles.

    Golf is expensive enough!

  • robert medlicott:

    the spin on the ball helps alot around and on the green but if your adding
    a bit of a slice when you use woods/driver, would the more spin on that
    particular ball make the woods and driver go more wayward when you hit
    im still a ‘learner’ golfer and if i used balls that add more spin, would
    it actually help me or hinder my game?

  • Beanione:

    Was using ProV1. Very good around the greens but durability was shocking.
    NXT Tour S is what I use now and it works very well for me.

  • Darragh Mealia:

    Hi mark. I love using pro v 1x golf balls for their performance but they’re
    so expensive. I can get them refurbished for €20. What’s your opinion on
    using refurbished golf balls? Thanks.

  • Rory Wightley:

    I use taylormade lethal balls as I cannot tell the difference between
    prov1x and them. Also price is half of the prov1x!

  • Matthew Rampersad:

    Great video. I’d like it if you could compare the Pro V1, Srixon Z Star and
    Nike 20Xi S. I’m considering going back to the Pro V1 because of what you
    showed in the video I want more spin into the green.

  • cougar1234c:

    I love the prov1x but due to cost i tend to go to the nxt tour s…the main
    difference i find is in the way you get the ball to stop…the tour s can
    be controllable if you know how much the ball reacts on the green

  • blip cat:

    ProV1 is my #1 choice and has been for years…I’ve also at times opted for
    the Taylormade TP5 which is also a very good short game performer. The
    Tour i(s) is also good around the greens. New price for any of these is of
    minimum difference. Mark should probably do a review on the later two for
    comparing spin rates, however in my experiance, these three balls are of
    excellent quality and purpose specific.

  • Steve Owen:

    i was laughing at the music the whole time

  • Martinus L:

    Great song

  • buttsak56:

    The last one lol!!

  • Tim Jones:


  • Eric Whitehead:

    *Start the Weekend Right: Laugh at Bad Golfers*

    I’m not going to tell you *not* to do the shenanigans in this video. I *am*going to tell you to make sure someone is filming if you do.

    #golf #golffails


    This video is even better the third time around. I missed so much the first
    time I watched it. Hilarious! Thank you, clipnation.

  • Mr Business Golf:

    The OMG Meter just went off the chart with this one!!!

  • Keith Bloemendaal:

    *Ultimate Golf #FAIL Compilation*

    Been having a long week, stressed a little because I am closing on my first
    property tomorrow, crazy busy both at my job and my business I own. This
    was a much needed laugh!

    I think I saw +Jesse Wojdylo or +Blair Warner in one of those clips!

  • Sallie Alys Montuori:

    …I suddenly have a better understanding of some #Pennsic Security and
    Chirurgeon runs I’ve heard stories about…

    Also, golf suddenly looks *lot* less boring!

  • newgirlfail:

    yes fail . . . . . .

  • Duane Sugarbaker:

    Got time for a laff or two?

  • Walt Armour:

    Published on Mar 19, 2013
    Who says golf isn’t a contact sport? Here’s a compilation of entertaining,
    painful, and idiotic golf-related mishaps — including falls, errant shots,
    and plenty of golf cart wrecks.

    More viral videos at: http://clipnation.com

  • Carlos S:


    *Officer*: *Where’s your driver’s license?*

  • Kevin Jones:

    Specifically for +Bryce Williams, as the weekend approaches…

  • Golfballs.com:

    I’m sure some of you have NEVER done any of this, right?

  • Nurettin SİLİFKELİ - GraphTHINK:

    Ultimate Golf HATASI Derleme

  • Denver Homes Sherry Walters:

    Too funny!

  • Rae Ouzts:

    The OMG Meter just went off the chart with this one!!!

  • Ben Rochefort:

    The song made me want to kill someone!!!

  • Veronica Cawelti:

    Published on Mar 19, 2013
    Who says golf isn’t a contact sport? Here’s a compilation of entertaining,
    painful, and idiotic golf-related mishaps — including falls, errant shots,
    and plenty of golf cart wrecks.

    More viral videos at: http://clipnation.com

  • Hole in One Golf Homes:

    This is a video for those who says that Golf isn´t a contact sport ….
    enjoy it and have a great week!

  • Mohamed Radwan:


  • Scot Duke:

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