Nike Golf Covert Tour and Covert Driver

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25 Responses to “Nike Golf Covert Tour and Covert Driver”

  • blip cat:

    More JUNK

  • ckkone:

    Thinking about picking one of these up, they are down to $150 now. Are the
    2.0 version that much better that they cost more than twice the price? 

  • Benjamin:

    Hey Mark! Actually thinking of getting a new driver and I really fancy the
    Coverts and they’re going on sale now so though I’d check this video out…
    Then I See that you have actually got a Mizuno MX 560 driver headcover
    lying around there on the shelf… Do you happen to have and old MX 560
    lying around as well?

    Had one that a accidently broke and just bought a driver of a friend to
    replace it when it happend.
    Would love to get and answer on this one. Would really be interested in
    buying and having that specifik club ship over here, my expense ofc.


    ps. googled to find a review on the MX 560 driver and you sure has a long
    way since then! ds.

  • Jordan Garner:

    Hi mark Really can’t decide between the tour or standard how much less
    forgiving is the tour, I’m currently using a ping g10 9.5 degree with the
    ust v2 stiff shaft.
    Great vid btw

  • AbstraktTp:

    wow some good english there….. Easier to controll the tour for ME,doh i
    hit the covert better and i think its more forgiving my opinion and i dont
    really think there is much different to each other then to controll and

  • ZhangM17:

    I see that Mizuno JPX-825 Driver in the back… are you going to do a
    review on it? please?

  • Leftienige Blank:

    Hi Mark. A U.S. independent tester reckons the stated lofts on these and/or
    TaylorMade adjustable drivers are miles off . Could you measure them
    statically and confim or deny this? Thanks for the reviews .

  • Boykin Smith:

    i have the covert its awesome

  • AJCgolf:

    Think the black face looks so much better than silver

  • Darth Fader:

    stock shaft as well?

  • Clinky1970:

    Hi Mark, I guess you have enough of testing the Covert driver already,
    however I bought the Nike Golf VR_S Str8 Fit Driver last year. My question
    is, is the new Covert standard so much different to my driver? I really
    appreciate your usual straight, as it is advice if its worth investing or

  • xxxjuiceboxmanxxx:

    I just got the full Nike covert set with the Tour driver and the Tour 3
    wood. I absolutely LOVE every one of the clubs! Big improvement for Nike!
    Also, my dad has the regular covert driver and I honestly like either. They
    both have an awesome weight to them that makes the club perfect! Good
    distance and few sprays on every shot! LOVE IT

  • hadi soenarwan:

    Great unbias test mark. what loft do you use for the test. that lauch 13

  • Adam Huckeby:

    Mark i would be interested to see the tour vs the RFE.. or the 913. Two
    other adjustable drivers for the year…among many i guess.

  • TheAxel1337:

    covert tour vs vr pro ltd edition

  • Austin Keeton:

    Mark what do you prefer the tour or the titleist 913 d3

  • Scott LaRue:

    While I have the 460 version, I’d rather have the black graphics of the
    Tour vs the silver, but still have the 460 head.

  • speterj:

    whats the white machine in the back ground by the trackman? is it a new
    trackman or other radar device?

  • Josh LaFond:

    vrs pro limited edition or covert tour I’ve been saving for a while price
    difference is not an issue and I already watched mark’s comparison video
    but I still can’t decide. Please help!!!

  • Elvis Presley:

    lol….you have never been to a range and hit range balls…have you?

  • NovaScene:

    I really don’t see much reason in using a sub 460cc driver for the regular
    joe. I mean the Covert tour for example is so much more unforgoving then
    for example Ping G25.

  • jaypross:

    Piggy backing mustangGT375’s question!?

  • i am ian:

    The tour version is £350 & i dont think its worth £100 more than the

  • bdennis19851:

    Do a video on the dual hinge medicus driver and iron please tell me is it
    worth getting for the price

  • LoaforDie:

    Just ordered a Covert tour 3 wood, can’t wait for it to get here!