Nike Covert Driver Review ⛳ & Covert Tour Review ⛳

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25 Responses to “Nike Covert Driver Review ⛳ & Covert Tour Review ⛳”

  • Kevin Dizon:

    Did you say you can use the taylormade wrench to adjust this driver also?

  • 손지훈:

    Love your vids Rick. Thanks for providing great information free of charge.

  • Jalan Hart:

    i have this in the non-tour and i love it so much…very forgiving, and my
    sweet spot in it is actually high heel not center, so that may be why he
    hit the heel shot better

  • Ma Purc:

    “Practice puts brains in your muscles.” This is really true about golf.
    The only way to get better and break 80…. practice. And you don’t need
    to hit it 300 yrds to do that.

  • Roderick Hosey:

    Very Helpful…. I know what’s on my shopping list this wknd! Thanks

  • Matthew Collins:

    Trafford range is nice but over priced

  • saintcruzin:

    To me the sound turns me off. If his 250+ yards are normal they’re shorter
    than one he has been testing. Price is great because, like all Nike
    drivers, in only a few months, the price really falls. They are $149 all
    over the net and my local shop is $169. I think for sound and distance,
    there are many drivers that much better. Get fit though with all drivers
    because you could gain many more yards with a proper fitting.

  • Linden Hoover:

    what fo you use to tell you all of your numbers and how do you get it

  • Wm. Sturman:

    Rick- just a thought: I bought the VRS COVERT with 460cc head. You may want
    to do a simple video on how to adjust them, especially since the VRS
    Covert, tour version, and Covert 2.0’s all have the same adjustable loft
    settings. Since it’s the same for all Nike Covert clubs, it may prove quite
    helpful to a lot of people. I also bought the the VRS COVERT Hybrid Tour
    Version. Brilliant clubs! Appreciate your reviews, but it would nice to
    hear back from you occasionally? Cheers~

  • saintcruzin:

    +jalan hart Because 85% of feel is sound….important, to me.

  • Wm. Sturman:

    Rick- really enjoy your video comparisons and have bought the Covert driver
    for my disabled golf tournaments and regular golf games. I’m hoping I made
    the right choice? Please get back with me on my previous post as I’d like
    your advice and suggestions? Since my legs and core are 80% paralyzed! I
    use my arms and shoulders to hit a drive. I’m hoping to achieve 150-185
    yards with my driver. May not sound like much but all I use is my arms and
    almost no legs or core strength. Thanks in advance.
    Cheers, Bill~

  • Wm. Sturman:

    Rick- just subscribed to your channel as I really like the reviews you do
    and the quality of them. I broke my neck in 3-places and ended up 70-100%
    paralyzed from the chest down. I got my arms and hands back 90%. I have a
    awkward stance and unusual swing since I can’t stand to well or long, and
    do fall if I try to smash it. My question is should I get the VR-S Covert
    or the Covert 2.0? Since I can buy the Covert, brand new for $129.99, I’m
    leaning that way. What are your thoughts given my physical disability? I
    won’t let that stop me from playing golf, and can still hit the ball well
    enough to play. Thanks for any advice.
    Cheers~. William~

  • Cody Nielsen:

    disagree with rating the clubs based on looks. Your rating should be
    consistently on performance. Looks are very individualized, therefore I see
    no reason why you would dock the rating of the covert tour based on others
    individual preferences. I like that you put price comparison, but there’s
    no need for presentation rating. A customer would not buy something they
    did not visually enjoy. Good review though, looking into picking up the
    tour model.

  • Jay Smooth:

    This club somehow does do as Nike claims. I don’t know if it’s the cavity
    or not, but my cousin bought one and I hit it today. I am rusty because we
    are in the middle of winter so my ball striking is off a touch. I hit this
    club all over the face and it went fairly straight every single shot. I cut
    across one bad and it didn’t save me there (No club will, that is the swing
    path) but all my decent swings with off center to center hits went VERY
    straight. I have ignored and sometimes avoided Nike, but this really is a
    forgiving driver. I have decided it is going in the bag. It has a duller
    sound and feel than what I’m use to so that is the only thing that puts me
    off a bit, but hey, if it helps me hit more fairways on off center hits I
    can get use to the duller sound and feel. 

  • Mikey Mike:

    What kinda flex are the drivers?

  • GolfingCanadian:

    hey rick sweet vids! subbed could you sub make u follow my twitter account

  • TJ Horton:

    Then why watch the video? Dumbass.

  • lalondtm:

    Taylormade has been known for distance more than Nike. Look at the grouping
    though. His Nike shots were far more accurate than the Taylormade. If you
    have accuracy issues, go with the Nike, if you can control your shots but
    want more distance, go with Taylormade

  • Steffan Yuen:

    You dont hit it very far my friend..

  • fa:

    When adjusting the loft did you have to tighten it very very tight before
    you heard the “click?

  • Aaron Shott:

    He mentions in the taylor video that he is really trying to crush them. I
    feel like he’s hitting like he were playing here, rather than crush it and
    hope it’s straight. He also mentions it’s down wind in that vid.

  • bpmiller87:

    The two style heads are not meant to be a preference choice, but what fits
    you best. The Tour head is called that because normally the deep-pear
    shaped head is meant for higher club head speeds. Higher club head speeds
    usually bring higher spin rates, the pear shaped head is meant to flatten
    the trajectory and help lower the spin rate. The normal shaped Covert head
    is usually meant for the average golfer with average (under 105 mph) club
    head speeds due to the more forging gear affect face.

  • Ben Crinion:

    I bet I can still slice it over the fence at Trafford.

  • Bill Hughes:

    Great review and nice presentation using FlightScope. I will be demoing
    this club at Edwin Watts in Jax Beach 3 days a week in the month of March!
    I’m confident the store will see great sales of these drivers!

  • chris hodge:

    Rick, if you could only buy one of these 2 drivers which one would you
    choose ? is the ball flight on the performance model slightly higher than
    the tour version ?