Newquay Golf Club #TightJumperPart 6

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Newquay Golf Club #TightJumperPart 6”

  • Mark Crossfield:
  • The LoudAssasin:

    I still want to know what happens to Twitchards eye!!! That must of hurt
    what ever it was.

  • PaveLowExpert:

    And now for his biggest illusion to date..@CoachLockey will make a 4 shot
    lead disappear #abracadabra #LockeyMagic

  • Jay Davis:

    Do you have a post box? I want to send you a brass brush lol. Poor guy

  • Thumper15:

    Excellent stuff guys!!! Thanks!

  • Christian Frödin:

    Wan’t to see mark without his cap ;)

  • jon male:

    4 up isn’t enough of a buffer for #blockeymagic , need some prawn cocktails
    and sandwiches to eat on the way around

  • Robert Davies:

    No more twitches for the Twichard.

  • Simon Beresford:

    Kev, no jumper n a glove that looks prehistoric, get some money spent tight
    arse!!! Haha

  • Eric D:

    My prediction is that in the coming weeks all this ribbing Lockey’s getting
    is going to come back to haunt these guys – he gets that driver sorted out
    and I gotta believe he’s a birdie machine. 

  • redlinejcw:

    Pink Castle power!!!

  • marXman9573:

    That was a balata that’s gone… LOL

  • Spencer Steel:

    These vlogs are infinitely more entertaining than The Greenbrier. They
    remind me of the old “Shell Wonderful World Of Golf” matches except your
    crew is much funnier. Well done, Mark.

  • ascdga:

    I’ve subscribed to Pickard’s channel and now follow both him and Kevin
    Harper on Twitter on the strength of their performances in this current
    vlog series. Very entertaining and educational series of videos guys. Many

  • Big Willy:

    When did Mr. Clean get into golf!?!

  • Skyboxer:

    Love the videos and everyone in them. So no disrespect to anyone but
    Lockey’s vibe he adds to the videos are great.
    Also want to say it’s cool how “Twitchard” has improved so much over these
    past few vids. Great job man.

  • jimbofatplum:

    the twitch played some great shots there…looking forward to see how coach
    gets on. :)

  • DJT77816:


    How much does bunker mentality clothing pay you to wear their stuff?

  • Jimmy C:

    Why would you wear sunglasses when it’s dark and chucking it down with
    rain? It’s not even a good look

  • Kaspar Jakobsen:

    it´s Lockey time.. :)

  • Danny P:

    Mark what is this butpoint that buzza keeps doing on the greens and how
    does it help him ?

  • MrRapidrash:

    Hi guys loving the golf fixes they have helped me loads and love watching
    you guys playing the courses great fun! What if you guys could play around
    of golf without using the range finder and sort of guess the yardage and
    club you would use might be a laugh! Keep up the great work guys.

  • THOMAS nunn:

    Great vids. Better than sky, keep up the good work!

  • ross jones:

    How long till #coachblockey

  • jppongo06:

    haha 4up. Perfect for Coach Lockey/Blockey/PrawnCocktail/Hair :)