Never Chunk Again: How To Hit The Golf Ball Solid (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)

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6 Responses to “Never Chunk Again: How To Hit The Golf Ball Solid (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor)”

  • Kurt Justin:

    The BEST INSTRUCTOR in Rotary Swing…
    interesting how the heads of the first three pro that were shown are so far
    behind the ball?
    AND..where were you 5 years ago when I first started and wasted all that
    money for a year on Golftec…lol true…

  • Jay Chang:

    What is your opinion on SnT???

  • Lance Sedevie:

    Great video clay. Will use with my wife that is learning.
    Can you comment on the fix for someone with too much lag. As a former
    hockey player I have always hit the ball low with push tendency. I know
    this is the minority but a good drill/idea would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks lance

  • gpy001:

    Thanks, these are great drills Clay

  • ncstate45:

    Great video. I do practice the forward shaft lean with right arm and hand
    but my problem is the left wrist will not roll over any so it breaks down
    and I get no left hand roll slightly then release. left hand release only
    works but in half swings with both arms the left wrist simply locks up. any

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