Minimalist Single Plane Golf Swing – 3 wd & Driver (part 3 of 3)

Minimalist Single Plane Golf Swing - 3 wd & Driver (part 3 of 3)

Learn how to perform The Minimalist Single Plane Golf Swing (MSPGS) at Here is video of me hitting golf shots with six different c…
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9 Responses to “Minimalist Single Plane Golf Swing – 3 wd & Driver (part 3 of 3)”

  • john doe:

    Hey Kurt…looks like you’ve got a slightly closed stance with the
    driver…do you stand this way for all the clubs in your bag?

  • Charles Guariglia:

    I noticed that unlike Moe who swings straight through and stops, you swing
    to a full conventional finish- rotating the club behind your left
    shoulder. Why do you do this
    Does it get you more distance?
    Thanks- great videos- the system works. Out on the range yesterday – 48 of
    50 shots straight- but less distance than usual.

  • fgrimley32:

    I just found your channel and subscribed because you have plenty of useful
    ideas, drills, and tips.

    I do have a request though… instead of JUST having viewers/subscribers
    write in with “fix” requests, could you also start a “series” or something
    that lays a foundation and works up to consistent ball striking
    I’ve looked all over YouTube and have found many “fix it” and/or “tip” golf
    channels but nothing that lays a foundation to build upon. I think that you
    two “chaps” are just the guys to start something more innovative like
    Sorta “video lessons” that start with grip, stance, posture… then
    progress to setup, starting the backswing, and how to properly rotate the
    torso/shoulders for a full turn… and so on. How you’d teach a newbie
    coming to you for the first time. Maybe include some ideas on how to buy
    clubs as well?

    I think you get the point of what I’m asking, where you’d actually be an
    even-better golf YouTube channel for beginners/novices who have NO CLUE and
    just want to learn the game without the condescending attitudes encountered
    around the game of golf and YouTube. I would also advise, if you do
    something like that, leave the comments OFF those particular “foundation
    building” videos, so people could just see what they need without having to
    listen to the self-annointed YouTube “Golf Gods” tell them how they are

    Thanks for listening, you fellers have a great YouTube golf channel, and
    it’s good to see you are putting that information out there.

  • MDGolfaddict:

    Is this what is classed as a reverse pivot chaps?

  • michael jirgensons:

    Would probably help with fighting a pull as well?

  • davidstevan1:

    With the concept of ball then turf contact should it be any surprise that
    players get steep on the downswing with irons. Shallow swing at the ball
    brings up thoughts of fats and thins for me. Add in lag and when to release
    it and it all gets too complicated. 

  • Mathias Zaka:

    Denmark! :D

  • Mathieu Deschamps:

    What about her clubs stiffness? Her club got some lag when she starts her
    downswing but its completly lost in the next moment and the club seems to
    be pulling her arms and everything instead of the opposite?! 

  • Meandmygolf: