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  • Rick Bonoan:

    And yes… I would like to see how Andy has been working on hip mobility.

  • Niklas Holm Seistrup:

    Would love to see the workouts for the hips, as I have very similar
    problems, Both swingwise and physically.

    So yeah, please do a video on that

  • NLPrometheus:

    I would love to know what your fitness routine is in the gym. Hopefully
    that can help me gain some extra distance. I am not a short hitter, my
    drives go about 250 yards. But i would love to get an extra 25 yards or so
    out of it. Off course also gain some length with my irons so i can approach
    the greens with some more loft.

  • michael jirgensons:

    Kelvin Miyahira also believes that if the leading hip is tilted down it
    effectively blocks the hips from clearing. I get this issue on a frequent
    basis and just label it pivot stall, which leads to a flippy shot or fat
    shot. Hooks are more common than pushes. The fix you rerer to works for me.
    Just having difficulty locking it into memory. Thanks for sharing your
    personal challenges. 

  • Stephane Gauthier:

    Great stuff. I’d definitely love to see the fitness routine you used to
    correct this.
    And I can’t wait to see you guys play against other youtubers..

  • Michael Rolton:

    Excellent session guys. I am already looking forward to the fitness videos.

  • Dave Bucks:

    thank you enjoyed that video. Could you maybe show someone not as fine
    tuned as yourselves a way to increase rotation etc with simple routines we
    could do at home ? 

  • TrailTrackers:

    Oh yes! I would absolutely be interested in seeing what you are doing in
    the gym Andy. I’ve never mentioned this online, but I am a disabled veteran
    and have a lot of flexibility issues; mainly with my lower back (severe
    compression injury is what I had/have). So you can probably only imagine
    how hard it is for me to maintain flexibility in my body. I’m actually sure
    that’s why I’m stuck around a 7 hdcp and just can’t seem to get it any

  • Jordan Cox:

    Awesome upload! One of the best yet 🙂 I have another question – you have
    quite often talked about divots and shallowing the swing plane to reduce
    the divots and it seems like the holy grail (from some of your vlogs) is
    getting as small a divot as possible (while still taking a divot) but if I
    watch the pro’s they are all digging to china when they swing any iron and
    even on their hybrids and fairway woods? Why do they take such large
    divots, but teachers tell us not too? Thanks!

  • Brad Gaunt:

    Very excited to see your gym videos. I have had some hip issues which my
    physio has said come from weak glutes. Just joined a gym and starting some
    yoga classes to try and strengthen core and get some more flexibility.
    Decided I can hit balls all day but not see as much improvement in my game
    until I work on the most important piece of equipment – myself. So seeing
    what you guys work on at the gym will be excellent.

  • Kevin mc donnell:

    good interesting vid lads!

  • Ben Chappell:

    Brilliant video, changes are looking good! It’s something i’ve started
    working on with my coach as well, the feeling of loading the right side and
    activating the leg muscles on the backswing, aswell I also have tights hips
    through impact and my left side can “collapse” a little instead of clear
    and straighten. What specific exercises in the gym did you do or was it
    just the ones from Dave and the TPi videos? Cheers guys 

  • Scott Willi:

    So it looks like you’re working on making it a body swing instead of
    needing arms and hands to save the shot. I am working on clearing the left
    hip as well. It seems to have a better chain reaction during the swing.
    Hips, then shoulders, then arms and hands.

  • Ian McManus:

    Once again superb, your iron shot looked effortless Andy. This video and
    those from TPI have brought everything I’ve learned from you to another
    level… Core and yoga exercise has begun!

  • Judge Smails:

    Great video and I would love to see the work in the gym! I was fortunate
    enough to find a TPI Certified individual about 15 minutes away from my
    home in Iowa. I did the assessment and was found to have the same
    restrictions. Just now getting started with the workouts and looking
    forward to the next golf season! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Peter Thomson:

    I don’t know guys. A yoga teacher rather than a physio…..but that set-up
    from an admittedly brief look down the line (and without really knowing
    your aiming point) looks pretty shut down the line of the feet and the
    knees which is going to give those sorts of symptoms (push/hook-stuck in
    front of the ball) isn’t it and is going to mean you can’t clear your left
    hip. Isn’t that the case? I’m therefore wondering about the footwork and
    particularly the balance in the distribution of the weight/action between
    the balls of the feet and the heels left and right foot?
    Of course if that sort of alignment is habituated it will cause a tightness
    (really a jamming) into the left hip socket. But what’s the chicken and
    what’s the egg etc.?

  • Stephen Penn:

    Interesting video guys, would be good to see the work that you do in the
    gym as well to support your game. I’ve been having trouble with my left
    ankle (I’m 33 and played a lot of football!) where I think I’m rolling over
    it a bit on the follow through, if you have any tips for strengthening
    ankle/left side in general I’d be really interested to see them

  • ekenne001:

    This is me all over, I have this exact problem and have been trying to fix
    for the last couple of years. Since I started going to the gym I bulked up
    but lost alot of flexibity in my hips and shoulders. I have started working
    on hip mobility when I workout but would be really keen to listen to your
    exercise routine.

  • Mark le Spark:

    That is my exact problem! Especially with the driver, I seem to create too
    much lag and get ahead of the ball. The last time I was out I really hit
    one drive, and it felt like I was releasing the club early and staying
    behind the ball, but in fact I was just squaring up the clubface and
    clearing my hips! I’ve been stuck at 6 h/cap with my irons and driver
    pushing right so seeing those swing thoughts have cleared my head somewhat!
    Thank you :)

  • Sam Perry:

    I’d love to go through tips for rotation flexibility on the backswing and
    holding your follow through / balance or revisited sort of based on these
    tests you guys did

  • Dave Bucks:

    that would so great if you could so we could follow along at home with you
    maybe in a series ? i have sciatica so all the better for me to do some
    stretching at home. Thanks again for your videos 

  • Michael Lonning:

    Great idea seeing you “taking your own medicin”. Especially putting
    emphasis on the physical side – more of that, please.

  • PeSonn:

    It would be really great to see some videos about some workouts in the gym
    as well as some home workouts!
    By the way, thanks for all those videos! I’m learning golf for one year now
    just by studying your videos! And it’s getting better every week!

  • Ian Key:

    Great video guys. This is the exact fault I have with the same resulting
    bad shots. Would be great to see his workout and practice routine to see if
    I can begin to correct my fault. Thanks again guys keep up the great work

  • mark l:

    Hi guys , great vid , I would like to see a full gym workout that golfers
    like myself can implement for their gym workout , I am sure the are various
    exercises for different body types , but I would guess some exercises
    /weight training are better than others for the golf swing. .?Martin