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Golf driver tips: How to find the sweet spot on your driver

PGA Professional Ted Fort, Instructor at Marietta Golf Center in Marietta, GA, tells you how to hit the sweet spot on the driver.
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  • GolfswingHD:
  • HIghballJordan11:

    I can’t turn like she does — I’m too old. ­čÖé But I try and think of her
    swing when I’m out there, she’s SO smooth. There’s nothing rushed in her
    swing. There’s nothing sudden. It’s just back and through, with a great
    smoothness. I’m telling you, she’s unstoppable.´╗┐

  • Marc Haring:

    A lot of similar moves to Rory’s swing I see. Yes slightly narrow coming
    down (worked for Hogan) and that reverse hip turn after impact. ´╗┐

  • A. Abdullah:

    Her problem is coming down into the ball too steeply. When she leans left
    like that, it’s only going to make her steeper unless she dramatically
    tilts her spine away from the target on the downswing. It’s very difficult
    to make that compensating move in the 250 milliseconds it takes the club to
    swing down. It is clear to see that Lydia has shoved her left arm across
    her body (a Push in RST terminology), and this has already moved the club
    deep behind her body, limited her shoulder turn and forced her right arm to
    bend – all unnecessary and extraneous movements. At the top of the swing,
    it’s clear to see that she has her head well out in front of the ball and
    is hanging on her left side.

    Heck, I’m a 20 handicapper, and I can see the problems here…who’s her
    swing coach?´╗┐

  • stevepising:

    technically excellent. I really don’t see any flaws worth mentioning. How
    correct technically are the south Korean golfers?

    Clubhead speed about 75 mph though. Sorry to sound negative but this is the
    reason I only care about men’s golf – there’s just something lacking in the
    women’s game, speed, trajectory, range of shots that require clubhead speed
    to pull off. I know Wie is different, but even she only really hits it like
    a decent male amateur.

    Go on, rip into me.´╗┐

  • Daniel Terry:

    That swing is impressive ­čÖé ´╗┐

  • Scott Gray:

    Man, I wish I could swing half that well!´╗┐

  • Tono Bb:

    She is living her dream, are you???

    Makes millions and computers hacks attack her swing, Thats called irony
    folks. Go back to being bitter n twisted, her swing is fantastic, she has
    the bank balance to prove it. Do you. $$$ talks and the rest, well they can

  • stackleft:

    Beautiful golf swing.´╗┐

  • Sara Banke:

    I love how a bunch of old dudes who can’t golf think they can rip her swing
    up. She is a better golfer than any of you bc shes out making millions.
    Where do you think that you can possibly critique when you know nada? lol
    The guys who do this are the same who interrupt random girls trying to
    practice on the range and “grace” them with their swing criticisms and
    swing theory. To all of y’all, Get a life and work on your own gd swing!´╗┐

  • hardcoremofo:

    Can’t be serious on that swing. Looks like a computer animation!´╗┐

  • mudddge:

    Yet another promising young golfer whose career will be derailed by
    injuries unless that swing gets reworked. No one’s back and left knee and
    take that kind of abuse for very long.´╗┐

  • Tesseract511:

    To all the haters on this site and you know who you are!
    hmm! I see a million dollar swing. What’s yours? not worth a penny I bet. A
    bunch of F#(king haters, wanna be pros.´╗┐


    great swing. from kamal malaysia´╗┐

  • grampy thirteen:

    keeps head down too long and hangs back on right side. Needs to turn to
    left on follow through and allow head to rotate with spine. Hope she sees
    this post. It will help her.´╗┐

  • John Alexanian:

    Ko’s swing reminds me of Bobby Jones´╗┐

  • God of War:

    Yes, call me a troll, lol, but I am predicting Lydia Ko will be the best
    player on tour 2yrs from now.´╗┐

  • Ted Miller:

    Beautiful swing. Great connection.´╗┐

  • remmy100:

    Looks as if she somewhat jumps backward just before impact then pushes
    forward posting on lead leg. Just seems like the extension is more rearward
    than upward, compared to other players. ´╗┐

  • Platinum Golf Labs:

    Ben Hogan would be proud. Swing doesn’t look overly stressful either.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s #1 by August.´╗┐

  • westonp80:

    good loading of the rt shoulder´╗┐

  • TheNYgolfer:

    Homer would be proud of those flying wedges ­čÖé
    Doesn’t matter HOW you get there but at and through impact the flying
    wedges must be intact.This is the one thing ALL great players do so well
    and bad players don’t do.Grasp this concept and your game will go to
    another level.This REALLY IS the MAGIC MOVE in golf.´╗┐

  • sean craig:

    Left arm vertical and straight at the top, very flexible´╗┐

  • Bill Bakopoulos:

    Wow, great video. I think this definitely solves my problem. I kept hitting
    off of the heel and couldn’t figure out why. Messing with my swing was
    making it worse, but it’s always something so deceivingly simple in golf. ´╗┐

  • steve heathcote:

    great tip´╗┐

  • Eric:

    That makes sense Thnaks for the tip!´╗┐