Left Foot Off the Ground Golf Swing

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10 Responses to “Left Foot Off the Ground Golf Swing”

  • puls66:

    coud you missunderstood the question? maybe he meant leaving his left foot
    or heel of ground at the top of his swing, like jack nicklaus did it.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Left foot up on the backswing is due to his sway, left foot up on the
    backswing with a good move of the body like Jack is not a problem in any

  • comface:

    Glad I didn’t ask this question, as my left heel comes up on the
    backswing… and they didn’t answer that question!

  • Michaud Venant:

    Thanx Mark for helping Steve come out of his shell ;P This duo thing is
    working well!! A bit like the straight / wise guy trope… abbot and

  • Joe Morgan:

    Yeah I’m pretty sure he meant that his left heel comes up at the top of the
    backswing not at impact 

  • comface:


  • Daniel TheGolfShagger:

    Lexi Thompson style? 

  • lumi1979:

    my teacher told me to put my back leg foot more inside my stance, to rotate
    instead of “swaa”. more weight on the front foot is great too.

  • scotty195823:

    my left heel is up on impact and my left foot flares out. My pro suggests
    its not a massive issue as I hit the ball solidly. In fact, given that I am
    not as flexible as I once was forcing the heel to stay down could result in

  • Strat TelePaul:

    Birdies on the range!