Left Arm Straight in The Golf Swing AskGolfGuru

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21 Responses to “Left Arm Straight in The Golf Swing AskGolfGuru”

  • CoastaMonsta:

    I love how everyone else thinks the same thing. Jesus dude keep your
    package in the box. 

  • deekay:

    This is terrible advise to be honest . 

  • Wayne Lowe:

    Burn those pants!

  • TomokoMurakami:

    Looks like Mark is very excited about making this video.

  • Maui Flutes:

    I have to disagree on this one. I think it is very important to keep your
    left arm straight as it allows for consistency in your swing and more
    accurate ball striking. The full extension of your arm is a fixed parameter
    which allows you to fine tune things such as where you place the ball in
    your stance. When you bend your left arm, you’re adding an inconsistent
    variable. To what degree is it bent? Every small change will affect the
    point in which the club makes contact with the ball.

  • Diego Diaz:

    Those pants from Sports Direct for £8.99 ??

  • Can Olgun:

    I have problems with tennis elbow and I think it all started when I tried
    to keep my left arm straight. I might have exaggerated it (hyper
    extension). Mark, I remember reading somewhere that you had problems with
    tennis elbow in the past. Do you know what it is in a golf swing that
    causes that problem (I read some things like a cupped wrist at impact) but
    it would help me a lot to hear your opinion on it and what you did to get
    rid of it. Love your videos btw!! Thanks!

  • paqman78:

    Im trying not to look, but its just kind of out there…..like a mole on
    someone’s face.

  • jabooky15:

    you son of a b****, do a video on the right arm, keeping it close to your
    side or hip or whatever bc clearly i dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

  • blip cat:

    Watching this vid I’m just falling about the place laughing…jeez

  • Michelle Tan:

    “baggage” looks heavy

  • 3rdgroove:

    Hmm, it’s kind of drawing the attention to the wrong places…or maybe not?

  • janelson38:

    Im relatively new to the game (about a year of playing seriously) and have
    just now over the past few weeks begun to keep my arm straight in an effort
    to gain more distance without trying to “swing harder” (Im a lefty so its
    actually my right arm)….ive noticed by strikes have been significantly
    better and my rhythm in my swing is much improved, most likely because I
    have much more width and arc in my swing. I think keeping the arm straight
    as long as possible helps with gaining lag as well.

  • stityriah poop:

    Where do you keep your balls to keep them warm? I think i know.

  • Jason Bowles:

    Loving those pants!

  • Steve Evans:

    Pants brighten up a grey day…better than gorilla James’ red pants!

  • Simon Ma:

    how can you swing a golf club in those pants? teach me!

  • CaptBennett17:

    Nice pants Mark!

  • phawlenangel:

    if you have to add tension to your arm in order to keep it straight at the
    top then no! the force of your rotation will straighten your arm through
    impact. it’s an inverted baseball swing, your swinging at a low pitch.

  • nigrel87:

    Colour coordination is incredible today

  • AskGolfGuru: