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Learn how to hit a draw in this new DVD from Bobby Eldridge and PurePoint Golf. http://www.purepointgolf.com/video-hit-a-draw-dvd This easy to follow DVD is …

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50 Responses to “Learn How to Hit a Draw – The Most Powerful Shot in Golf – PurePoint Golf”

  • james eadie:

    my ball seem to fade off right , I try to hit the ball with a 100% power
    all the time any tips I mean I hit a four iron 200 yards but its not that
    accurate . . it looks like a weak slice come power fade . . 

  • Surapol TESTHOMYA:

    ฺbasic golf

  • Michael Mitchum:

    he dont tell us how to play adraw…

  • UmichFlipside:

    Swing more inside the ball instead of over top of it.

  • DCmillion:

    fade is better, once u turned pro fade is more easier to control.

  • Scott Robinson:

    Are you familiar with the new ball flight laws?

  • yeahImAbeastiNo:

    i’d like to know where the ball ended up. but everything sounded like it
    worked so i’ll assume its on the green

  • tweezy99:

    So basically it wants you to change your swing mechanics and your plane?
    Sounds so easy a pro could do it. I’d rather keep things simple. Aim the
    body right at address while pointing the club face at the target.

  • dailloydfairwood:

    One of the best tips.- Keep your right shoulder back longer on the
    downswing.This has really helped me. Thank you. Dave.

  • Mark B:

    Thanks, that helped very much. Nice voice lol.

  • Brandon Atchley:

    @izzy0210 a draw goes farther and lets you play more shots. It’ll roll more
    or, if you want to and play with a weak grip and it’ll land softer

  • burkeyatm:

    As a previously CHRONIC slice demon, this is EXACTLY what the local pro
    taught me and I’m cured. Ball goes further and feels “stronger” after I’ve
    hit it. Good tip I say.

  • nicewave1:

    This is so silly , if you aim the modern drive right of target it will
    always go right of target…..always aim at target and adjust stance to
    suit either fade or draw!

  • sangbok420:

    samething for me…i can draw-fade with my iron, but only fade with my
    driver or wood… where the strategy differs with the wood shot???

  • loganeast:

    Your knees, shoulders, hips and feet should all be parallel to the target
    line. If you hold the club up to your shoulders, the line it makes should
    be parallel to the target line. Ditto for the knees, hips, and feet. They
    won’t point directly at the target, because that would mean your shoulders,
    etc. are not parallel to the target line. That is why its “parallel left”.
    If you’re a left-hander, it would parallel right. Does that make sense?

  • riazkhancrm:

    With the same swing When i open the driver club face a lot I draw/hook the
    ball when I keep the face straight the ball fades/slices. Most of my shots
    start left and then draws ending up on the left side of the fairway or in
    the left rough. When i open the face i feel i can swing through and around
    more easily. Some times when i take the club on the outside with the hands
    only the ball goes straingt right and fades. what is happening?

  • orangewhiptrainer:

    like it!

  • Jeff Isles:

    1st. Learn to hit golf ball correctly (read Hogan) 2nd. Aim feet right of
    target with club face aimed at target. 3rd. Swing normal swing. For fade,
    reverse. If you cannot do #1 do not bother going to stage two or three. You
    people think too much. The club is in the impact zone for a millisecond.
    You cannot think that fast. You have to work the ball based on your set up
    and then swing normal. The set up must create a consistant fade or draw.
    Otherwise, you cannot count on it at all.

  • andrianc3g:

    Straighten right arm on the way down? LOLZ. Ben Hogan would slap this guy.
    Butt end of club towards ball/path towards top is excellent tho. All Jack
    Nicklaus did was change his foot alignment, no flippy stuff.


    I have the same problem it is because you are swinging to fast try and slow
    down your swing

  • Dennis Oh:

    this is not a good way to hit a draw, because it may cause a hook. it is
    better if you do not “cross over the right arm over the left arm” but just
    swing with the patch more in to out in comparison with the clubface at

  • slickcrew:

    i did

  • StringPlay33:

    Its a lot of the tim based on preference but more on what the shot
    requires. If you have to swing a ball back left due to an obstical, then
    you’ll use the draw. Same goes for the fade.

  • TheProvobaby:

    at the start of the video, were told to aim the club slightly right whilst
    keeping the shoulders, hips, knees and feet pointing parallel left of the
    target. when it comes to the shot round the trees, hes telling us to aim
    everything right?

  • Taufeeq Wright:

    Yeah this guy is dead on. I tried it and it works. I think he explains the
    draw very well. Good stuff.

  • Dtyler171:

    So if I were to buy the 7.5 degree driver, how much down would the loft go?
    Would it also close the face, or is there an option to keep it neutral and
    reduce loft?
    I can’t find any information on changing the loft on this driver. 

  • Ben Norris:

    Whoa! The weather is looking very Tim Burton for this one.

  • ringwood1000:

    i love this driver looks great and performs so well, this will be in the
    bag for sometime

  • Dan Todd:

    No surprise there golfsports 2013, the sumo was the worst club Nike ever
    made. All ting no ding.

  • Steve schadeck:

    Loved it so much, I bought two. Have the matrix black tie shaft. Used to
    play titleist–will play these for quite some time.

  • Dan Todd:

    Pulled a couple of my vokeys out of the bag and replaced with Cleveland.
    Love them so accurate. Have the 270xl really good stick.

  • paulyhb:

    I currently use a R11 driver and get to much height on my drives, was
    wondering if this driver will lower my flight as you state in your review.
    Now these are coming down in price it seems to be a win, win driver for the

  • Matt Stacy:

    I own this club. Love it!

  • Simeon Pritchard:

    Roger Cleveland’s brand and image was built around making modern golf clubs
    with the ethos of the classics. I have a set of Cleveland Tour Action
    blades and those things are old school as, pure blades. Keen to try this
    driver for sure, especially at the current prices.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Cleveland classic xl driver review. Mark Crossfield

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Who has hit this driver yet. 

  • Dante Shaw:

    I hit this club at the golf show and really like the sound

  • mark moonlight:

    Mark These are the most under rated clubs ever. There Wedges are
    Legendary.The irons are Great and the Drivers are among the Best on tour.
    Just check out the number on Tracman. The new drivers are so easy to hit
    straight and LONNG.

  • 21gatorguy:


  • dustin8538:

    check out his previous videos, he did a WITB few months ago

  • morgan price:

    I use the Cleveland classic 310 in a 9 degree with stiff shaft and its a
    lovely driver, nice mid ball flight lots of run on it.

  • superscootkid:

    gorilla james should hit it.

  • steve andreano:

    I use the original cleveland classic and I love it. Btw I’m an American

  • hummingfish:

    I agree that the badge looks cheap.

  • Judge Smails:

    Crikey – It looks like the end-of-days over there! I LOVED the look of last
    year’s model… didn’t last two rounds in my bag. It was great if you like
    ’em low and left. It felt like anything I hit in the center of the face was
    an accident. However, everyone seems to be in love with this year’s model.
    Horses for courses…

  • James Hayes:


  • g6923:

    I had the Cleveland classic. Found the shaft way too light. Didn’t wanna
    play the swap shafts game. Found the head a little unforgiving

  • Sgt Pepper:

    Wish this crap weather would just go away now,so depressing

  • PA Fritz:

    Hey mark, love your videos. Are there going to be any putter reviews in the
    future? I just got the Nike Method Core 4 and I love it but I’d like to
    here what you have to say about it. Thanks