Justin Timberlake tequila and mini-golf

Justin Timberlake tequila and mini-golf

http://www.golfwerkz.com – Tiger isn’t the only one who’s back for 2013. Check out JT making the UK chat show rounds with an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show. They enjoy a few shots of…

Bobas VW Golf Mk2 4Motion 2.0L 16V Turbo street car with 1150HP & 1034Nm 58psi on E85 fuel. Turbocharger from extreme Tuners GTX42. CNC head porting from NG-Motorsports. Build and …
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50 Responses to “Justin Timberlake tequila and mini-golf”

  • bradlbe:

    Could just be water, for entertainment purposes?

  • JL Houston:

    where can i see the rest of this episode? i am sure the host threw up and
    blacked out after going to commercial

  • HannahIsAHipsterLol:

    “Don’t be a girl” excuse me sir, I handle my tequila better than most
    males. So hmf.

  • Fyreswing:

    Why are british talk shows way better than ours?

  • hiddentreazure:

    How disappointing after such a cool 20/20 album to hear that phrase, “Don’t
    be a girl.”

  • Michael Chavez:

    JT is just a cool cat.

  • MEGAyum9:

    Justin is so hotttttt

  • Ibeonit:

    smoking weed would have been better

  • sfuture08:

    Where is the 98 percent chance it’s water statistic coming from? I mean how
    is that calculated? 

  • Jonssyy Jons:

    They did like 6 shots in 10 minutes!!

  • rejectedchik89:

    “Don’t be a girl” OH COME ON. SEXISSSST.
    But really though, I love Justin.

  • Mike Bartel:

    No you should not have another one don’t give him any more

  • journeman77:

    I bet Mr. Timberlake would be hella fun to hang with.

  • MsLalaUsagi:

    Funny how no one has even mentioned the fact that there’s a 98% chance that
    it’s not tequila, and is in fact water.

  • Cidpant:

    I’d like to see the interviews AFTER this segment. lol

  • Guy Man:

    this is amazing i really like british talkshows

  • jemohseni:

    justin is always so great on talk shows!

  • Nick Duel:

    Looked like a lot of fun

  • nybiggs:

    5 tequila shots in 10 minutes is a hell of a lot. Damn!

  • Nick Corjay:

    I never get tired of watching this.

  • hargarlar:

    whos dat girl sitting there?

  • marybelarenas64:

    He should do this with Jimmy

  • Aaron Lynn:

    He’s so likable 

  • Jay Pollock:

    to shitting in vases ohh the brits have amazing t.v. shows.

  • Charlottelee22:

    at the start he was like trying to talk but couldnt concentrate because of
    the tequila i love him hes hilarious. 

  • MrZillas:

    kranke Scheiße ^^ ich frag mich, ob da schon mal was kaputtgegangen ist…
    ständig bei 8.000 Umdrehungen, ist das so gut? … ein paar breitere Reifen
    müssen wohl drauf, damit dat nich ständich durchdreht 😀 aber sind
    wahrscheinlich schon drauf, der Tuner ist ja auch nicht blöd….. auf jeden
    Fall heftig… hab mal gesehen, wie ein 1.000 PS-Nissan einem 500 PS Ford
    Mustang davongefahren ist…. da hast du einfach keine Chance

  • MisterS4League:

    Die Frage: Warum kann das ein Bugatti nicht?
    Ganz einfach!
    Diese Leistung könnte der Bugatti bringen und mehr auch. Nur!
    Fahrzeughersteller haben ja die ”Pflicht” oder geben ja die Garantie auf
    Autos das die ”lange” fahren können ohne das man immer wieder was nach
    jedem Kickdown rumschrauben muss weil irgendwas geplatzt oder gebrochen
    ist. Das ist einfach die maximale Kraft aus Motor Tubro und der
    bestmögliche Ladedruck. Einen Bugatti Super Sport kann man selber locker
    auf 2000 PS hochpumpen mit ladedruck und ”Chiptuning” (Elektronik
    anpassen, bzw agresiver machen) Dann packt das der Bugatti auch locker. Nur
    man will ja als Autokaufer ein Auto was 100.000 km fahren kann ohne das was
    großes rumgeschraubt werden muss. Was glaubst du wie offt der Typ seine
    Kupplung wechseln muss oder etwas am Motor machen muss…. pff.
    Gehn tut alles nur man muss vernünftig bleiben!

  • TerryMMA:

    the car is insane but i don’t believe it to be running 1150hp unless they
    are running like 400hp nitrous kit.

    2.0 4 cylinder engine making around 300hp per cylinder lol

  • mateu prat:

    this rusty piece of shit isnt safe, stable and the distribution of the
    weight ist eficient. this is just a good engine in the wrong car

  • bizon389:

    ohne Käfig ist das eine Todeskapsel!!!!

  • Megamanni:

    +Boba Motoring Bei welchem Kilometerstand wurde der Umbau gemacht?

  • nacho colon:

    That speedometer lying!!

  • Pavle Pavlovic:

    I dont understand how u can have 1150 hp giving out 1034Nm of torque in
    such a small car. buggati Veyron has 6 radiators and a massive engine for
    1001hp and has a massive gear box to transfer that power in to torque. This
    thing has 1 radiator a small engine space and probably not that massive
    gear box, so how do they do it i dont understand, if they can do it 10 000
    euros, why do u need to get a 1 000 000e car with 6 radiators , 4 turbos
    and a massive engine and gearbox making a car heavy as a truck spoiling
    the cornering characteristics if u can do more than that in a small golf 1
    , something is fishy here. Maybe it has 1034NM but on low speeds, i dont
    know, but i think something is wrong here. The numbers just dont add up. U
    can see its a fast car, but is it 1034NM fast.. if it is then everyone
    buying a Bugatti or a Ferrari is just a massive idiot… and i dont think
    thats likely to happen 2. Can someone explain 2 me how this is possible 

  • iLi3:

    Can i know what kind of engine is sitting there?;)
    Is one of the hell nice cars i’ve even saw…
    its like female orgasm…

  • MiGujack3:

    Why don’t you upgrade the speedo?

  • James Dice:

    Turboplader des Todes, das dein Motorblock nicht auseinanderfleigt wundert
    mich leicht :D

  • vexxy hexicola:

    Wie oft ist dir schon deine Sitzlehne gebrochen ? :)

  • minecraftslender278:

    you can’t do anything for the golf mk2 was 400 km’h?

  • dudebrhm:

    I can’t stop watching this like I can’t!!!!!

  • Boris Racer:

    This maybe fun and cool

    But its dangerous
    And illegal

  • Dylan Morgan:

    This thing is nuts! Can I go for a ride?

  • David Risquez Silva:

    There is a great amount of power, no doubt but..:
    4th gear at +220?? Think that speedometer doesn´t show the truth.

  • Mathias Wiedenmann:

    Das Problem am Bugatti ist die Scheiß teile sind viel zu schwer.. jnd ohne
    scheiß lieber wechsle ich die kupplung paar mal anstatt ich da 1.200000 €
    hinblättere und muss dan nicht so angst haben das geklaut wird oder sonst
    irgendwas 🙂 lg Matze (Vw Fan)

  • Troy Soeterbroek:

    u still don’t beat may dad’s MV Agusta R4 RR which pulls up from 0 – 100
    km/h in just 2 seconds! >:D

  • Vaggine:

    What modifications have you done to the suspension? I have a MK2 GTi 16v
    Golf, a littlle bit tickled. (Approx. 170hp) and it goes easily 230km/h,
    but it`s horrible to drive in those speeds! My suspensionkit is German made
    AP Sportfahrwerke with -45mm springs and AL-KO gas-shockabsorbers. The
    setup is pretty comfortable to drive on “not so good” roads and under
    150km/h, but it`s worthless on a high speeds.

  • David-Son:

    Richtig fett das auto. Was verbraucht er bei normaler fahrt bei 100km? Und
    bei volle kanne?

  • New Hard Informática:

    Gostei do video mas acredito que o velocimetro ta alterado é so notar nas
    faixas da pista quando ele acelera de 80 a 240 mal da diferença na
    velocidade que as faixas aparecem e somem 

  • FlexOne 17:

    einfach nur hammer auto!!wäre geil wenn ich einmal mitfahren könnte das
    hautnah erleben das wäre fett auf jeden fall

  • Ramses De Vuyst:

    Is this the stock engine? Also, what mods have you done?