Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals

Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals

Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals.

24 Responses to “Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals”

  • Conner Daniel:

    good swing, 

  • DrMark7:


  • Lory Lenning:

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  • rw5791:

    johhny millers takeaway is distinctive…………as opposed to say,jack nicklaus.

    miller was very compact,within himself while nick had a big ,bold crashing type of swing.


    Got to be honest here…..I’ve never played a round of golf….I’ve watched a lot….but Johnny Miller…..I could feel ur Swag bro…..nice confidence. Good video.

  • Carl Haberman:

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  • widndn:

    You morons who think you know more than Johnny kill me, Johnny was the best iron player in the history of golf, heed his advice and you will be a better player.

  • artboyson:

    Johnny in my view using the hip turn through impact means the whole body is being used to do it. This limits the club speed to how fast the hips can turn with the hands keeping up. Delaying the hip turn, on the other hand, sets up a leverage between the right hands and the left leg allowing a press action to speed the club. Many Asian ladies use this instead of developing the brute force needed to make the club keep up with fast turning hips. The hip turn for accuracy, but delay for distance.

  • westonp80:


  • Rayne Clowd:

    take a look at my swing, I need some help.

  • ProudBirther:

    WOW! Almost nine minutes and Johnny didn’t mention his 63 at Oakmont.

  • Carl Hopkinson:

    If you penetrate thru the ball far enough then you get to the Woom 🙂

  • samiam1150:

    The right elbow should go in front of and not into the right hip. Otherwise, excellent.

  • Chester Micek:

    Let gravity take over: here is another way to write the same thing: 1) imagine there is a raw egg in its shell glued under your open right armpit, 2) at the top of the swing, deliberately point your right elbow at the ground and try to compress the egg shell until it breaks, 3) make sure your right elbow rides (is in contact with) your right hip until impact, 4) make sure your tight triceps are pressing against the outside of your right pec. all the way to impact, 5) relax & drop the arms.

  • marcomundo9able:

    Great video. Great teacher. FINALLY.

  • Jason Mok:

    Gosh he’d be amazing at doing the Robot

  • Berta Denis:

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  • Asih Rozaqi:

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  • Sam Shah:

    Good stuff – absolutely love it. Love the camera angle from the top. Mr. Miller you are the best in the industry.

  • philbothe1:

    I think he means letting the club drop, instead of powering it “over the top” like so many people do (including me). Know what I mean Vern?

  • billyburroo:

    let gravity take over what sort of downswing thought is that what does that mean???

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  • Kevin Lee:

    Stop Whining!!