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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “INSANE GOLFER ATTACKS KID! PRANK GONE WRONG!! Ghillie Suit Golf Course Air Horn”

  • koldUMkilla:

    Golfing is shit, they deserve to be harassed for liking such a lame
    ‘sport’. They’re just mad because that’s probably the closest they’ll ever
    come to putting their balls near the hole XD

  • rami sirhan:

    That’s an old video , why would you repost it ?

  • ClutchNastii671:


    Why did you guys keep antagonizing the guy afterwards?

    As a prankster you shouldn’t get mad when someone gets mad at you for doing
    a prank on them. Instead you should be apologetic. You’re the ones who are
    bothering strangers for personal amusement, so they have every right to get
    pissed off at you for “pranking” them.

    If your friend would’ve said “hey dude, sorry we’re just doing a prank”
    instead of trying to troll the guy with “I’m a bush” he probably would’ve
    just laughed it off.

  • Tomgk Comedy:

    You guys are real assholes, leave these dudes alone. It’s a joke…you know
    how expensive golf courses are?

  • OLegendStudios:

    You included 2 of my favorite ways to prank – ghillie suits and air horns
    haha. No reason the guy had to get that angry so quickly. Its scary you
    never know who will lose it and what they will do. Other than that, keep up
    the great work dude

  • JoogSquad:

    Well…. You guys suggest it, we go out & basically film what happens,
    sometimes its more outrageous than others. This being one of these times.
    Thanks for watching & be sure to share & subscribe!!!

  • chris lechuga:

    People who think they’re hot shit cause they have a camera ^^^
    Disrespecting someone and calling it a joke doesn’t justify anything. So
    I’m not going to be surprised or have any sympathy if you end up with a
    bullet in your head for little kid shit like this. 

  • Mr. Hayabusa:

    I’M A BUSH lmfao xD

  • Schweinsteigerrr:

    don’t act hard if u can’t fight back like seriously… 

  • Hurtful Truths:

    Typical douche bag golfer. A guy makes some decent money so he can afford
    some clubs and crap think he’s so hot shit, that he can put his hands on a
    kid probably less than half his age. If he went after one of my friends or
    siblings like that, we would all jump him like thugs in a heartbeat. 

  • Jon Godbout:

    Like if they should do more ding dong ditching. 

  • Mr Steve-O:

    Good way to help out a friend!!

  • DailyOC:

    awesome, i hope that dick get to see the video 😉 

  • Neb™:

    please tell me what lose harry potter firework things are called

  • PAoutdoorhunters:

    Your friend was trying to act tough as he ran away thats pathetic he than
    called the guy a pussy which is what he was being , would have liked to see
    him get fucked up 

  • Adam Arzo:

    Who’s the utter scared little bitch in the green shirt that’s talking shit
    as he’s walking away with his friends? That pussy ass little bitch was
    scared shitless when he was confronted and only started to talk tough when
    he knew he was safe.

    What a complete and utter little fucking bitch.

  • River Tam:

    Anyone remember the 1999 movie ‘Falling Down’?

    “It’s not enough you have all these beautiful acres fenced in for your
    little game, but you gotta kill me with a golf ball?! You should have
    children playing here, you should have families having picnics, you should
    have a goddamn petting zoo! But instead you’ve got these stupid little
    electric carts for you old men with nothing better to do![shoots a golf
    cart]”. -Bill Foster

  • William Love:

    Idk Joogsquad. You’ve had some hit and miss videos lately and this one
    isnt on my top list. I would be pissed off too (as funny as that was) but I
    don’t feel you handled the situation too well entirely. Trying not to
    unsubscribe, but hoping for some better stuff in the future

  • ShinyGiratina028:

    Is funnymenow part of the joogsquad?

  • Poptart Gaming:

    yo, if i was editing this vid i would not of put the Sinclair over his
    face! HE DESERVES TO BE EMBARRASSED! he is probably a stupid rich guy who
    gets whatever he wants…..HE BEAT UP A KID LIKE WTF! HE NEEDS TO BE

  • Pinkelschrubber:

    That idea was just genius ;D please do it more often, maybe not just with

  • Bob Ross:

    i love how the kid in the green ran from the guy when he was alone but when
    hes on the other side of the fence and with his friends he wont stop
    talking shit

  • Noah Banc:

    Did the golfer catch and beat up the kid in the green shirt?

  • Cajun Plays:

    I would of turned around and knock that bitch out

  • Duck On Quack:

    Kid in the green shirt acts all hard after he’s behind a fence, but runs
    when the guy confronted him, what a little bitch