inexperienced at driving ranges?

Question by muh: inexperienced at driving ranges?
i’m a single female and i wanted to try going to a driving range. I’m a first timer so should i bring someone who’s experience at golfing or is it something i can try by myself?

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Answer by no id
Call the range and ask for someone to give you a lesson. It will work best if you have someone show you how to hold the club, the correct stance, ect. An experienced golfer is not necessarily an experienced teacher. Going by yourself will be frustrating and non productive.

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3 Responses to “inexperienced at driving ranges?”

  • WhereTheBuffaloRoam:

    Its fun to go by yourself. If you are in doubt about some of the ettiquette issues with driving range golf, take someone that can hit balls with you. But I think you can find an isolated place on the mats where you won’t kill anyone and have a good time. Hit off the mats first to get comfortable striking the ball, then go out to the grass tee’s.

    Wish I could go with you, I’m in need of the range.

  • krennao:

    I would have someone who has knowledge, learning golf isn’t about how far you can hit the ball , it’s about form all the way. Hitting a ball down the range won’t hurt but if you plan to start learning how to play the game. Might as well learn the correct way of how to stand , hold the club, etc. so you don’t create bad habits.

  • MTS333:

    You can try it by yourself and if you have any questions, I bet anyone would be willing to help you if you asked either the people that work there or someone hitting balls. It is pretty straight forward. Of course it would be easier if you had someone with you to show you what to do, but you should be fine by yourself. Beware golf can be addicting.