Impact to Gain Golf Swing Power and Extra Distance- Play Golf Like The Pros founder PGA Pro Gary Occhino shares how to have the proper “golf swing impact” position fo…

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  • Ball Striker:

    Key> Hands must drop, if not, you will be an OTT swinger.

    Great video sir!

  • sonicdeviant:

    I recently learned how to do this. I lagged the club well coming down to
    waist high but would still flip at impact. Learning this is tough because
    of how subtle it is, but if you keep your wrists loose and allow the
    inertia of the club head to hinge your wrists, you can get the bowed or
    flat left wrist at impact much more easily. The impact bag is invaluable.

  • Golfingsamurai:

    call4c- Thank you for the compliment.

  • Kenneth Kim:

    when I tried this way I make big hook to the left. what did I miss?

  • 123GPA:

    If the power comes from the body rotation isn’t this example all “arms”?

  • Ky Fai:

    what happens when you go to far into the divot?

  • wesbilly:

    I guess a better way to ask is how stiff is the elbow. Is. It locked?

  • wesbilly:

    Do you have your front arm locked?

  • Golfingsamurai:

    igorsch-yes, this should be very helpful. thank you

  • Ky Fai:

    how do you keep from picking up

  • call4c:

    Very Good Video

  • Ky Fai:

    What happens if you try this and it doesn’t change anything what dod you
    think i am doing wrong??

  • Golfingsamurai:

    Thank you for the question. Power is achieved via the usage of the arms and
    body together. Both have a role. This video addresses how to use your arms
    and body to train a position and to provide drills for this position.
    Ultimately, the body must be used correctly, which is given in the free
    ebook at the samuraigolfswing website.

  • igorsch:

    Impressive video, hope it will cure my scooping.

  • wesbilly:

    Your right arm looks very straight in the back swing. Is it locked? Thanks.

  • Golfingsamurai:

    My right arm is not locked or stiff purposely. I don’t have a lot of wrist
    hinge in my short game swing or in my full swing; most people hinge more.
    However, the wrists hold lag well in downswing

  • Golfingsamurai:

    Kenneth- Please try one of two things to compliment this: 1) Try swinging
    the grip/handle of the golf club lore to the left. It will feel like you
    are pulling the handle toward the third base line. The more you swing left,
    the more the ball spins to the right 2) It may also help to aim your
    shoulders and even your feel more left at address. It’s possible you are
    aligned too much to the right which can promote a hook (sometimes). The
    golf ball spins the opposite of your downswing direction.

  • Golfingsamurai:

    wesbilly- please be more descriptive. What does “locked” mean? When in the
    swing are you asking about? Thank you in advance for any clarity you can
    provide so I may better answer your question.

  • Ky Fai:

    Where is his glove??

  • gee gee k:

    Great Info!

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