I need help with some golf tips.?

Question by theodore410: I need help with some golf tips.?
I was invited to be a part of a foursome this weekend. I haven’t played golf for years and I’m not very good. Anybody have any good ideas on how I can get okay in a short time?

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Answer by sportcent
Go to a Driving Range and just try to hit it straight and dont worry about distance just make sure the ball goes straight and that you can do it with consistancy
and if you cant get it going with the driver just use irons many pros do this if they cant get their drives to go straight

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  • stan da manly man the one u want:

    of course, you should def hit the range couple times to see how you hit the ball. there won’t be any quick tips to improve like magic.. but i would say that you should concentrate more on not slowing your group down. if you find yourself hacking at a ball on a certain hole, maybe it would be a good idea to pick it up and move along. nd please, do bring tons of balls. don’t plan on trying to find your ball. spend no more than a minute searching for your ball. announce that you will just drop one and move along. also, you should be careful not to show too much emotions. you are gonna hit some bad shots out there and you are gonna hav to accept it. just smile nd move along. and on the range, i would focus on keeping your tempo. your main focus should be hitting the ball straight and keeping it in the fairway. go easy with the swing and just try to get a few yards into the fairway.

  • Golf Nut TL:

    You really can’t get ok in a few days, but you can do some things to make your golf round more enjoyable.
    First and foremost, like the other answers, go the driving range / putting green and get the ‘FEEL’ back in your swing. I would probably practice more with the higher numbered clubs since they are easier to hit and be consistent. Don’t go to the driving range the day before or you’ll probably end up with sore muscles on the course.
    When you are playing your round, don’t go gun-ho just because you ‘use to’ hit # iron xxx yards. Concentrate more on straight shots and forego distance. There’s nothing more embarrassing than mis-hitting most of your shots and spending your (and your partners) time looking for your ball on every hole. I played with an older gentleman one time and he only hits 7 irons through pitching wedge. He played just as well and fast as the rest of the group because his ball was on the fairway on every shot.
    Relax and go have fun.

  • wbaker777:

    Good luck…..Golf is a sport that is pretty demanding to just maintain a status quo. If you have not played in years….what swing you had is probably pretty much gone.

  • thebasics06:

    I take it that the other three in your group are quite the avid golfers, or perhaps they are just weekend golfers and you will find that you will all be in the same boat.

    Just go to the range a couple of times maybe, or even just the once say 2days before the game and then forget about anything bad you hit there. If you hit the ball well, then maybe you should go again on the day before to hit your confidence.

    You could do some 6ft and less putts on carpet in your house, alot of golf shots will be lost there along with all of the short game from 50yards in.

    A MUST!!!! Read this: http://www.pponline.co.uk/encyc/golf-warm-up.html

    Make sure you warmup before playing. You risk injury to yourself and even your game.

    Try and do a 30minute warm up session at your house, you dont need to do it at the golf course if you think you will look silly.

    Start with swinging the wedge lightly. Do some stretches. You could be using muscles you didn’t know you had for the last 2years.

    I am sure you know of all the golf warm ups, if not check this site:http://www.totalgolfswingsystem.com/golfwarm-upstretches.html

    Just make sure you warm up and it could knock some shots off your game.

    You dont have to do all of the excercises, I dont before I play, but I make sure I swing all my clubs, swing two irons together which slows my swing down and then when picking up one club it is easier because it makes the club feel lighter.

    Dont expect to play well, tell your group you haven’t played in 2years and you will just pick the ball up when you are playing slow.

    You also won’t need to spend ages looking for the ball, just make sure you take enough golf balls and enjoy the day out.

    Swing slow and steady, just get the ball in play and keep hitting the fairway. If you try and rip the ball you will almost certainly either miss the ball with the club, or make a complete idiot out of yourself and you will make yourself more nervous.

    Slow and steady swing, let the clubs do the work.

    Good luck

  • robmuza:

    Try using your 8-iron on the range first. For most people it’s the easiest club to hit well. Then try to hit your 5-iron. If you’re struggling on the course, just pull out your 5-iron. You’re better off hitting the ball 170 yards and straight than hitting your driver sideways.

    But seriously, if people could improve a lot in 3 days, then golf wouldn’t be so challenging.

    And whatever you do, don’t hit so many range balls that you have blisters on your hands when you go to play.

  • Pardon the spelling:

    dont take the club back to fast and dont try to kill it.

    Go to the driving range and work on hitting it straight not far

  • Flatstick:

    Doesn’t happen in a short time, but go to a driving range and see what you can remember about hitting the ball. Main thing is don’t try to kill the ball by hitting it as hard as you can. Swing slow and easy and you will make solid contact more often resulting in better shots. Get to the course early and hit a lot of practice putts to try to guage the speed of the greens. Nothing worse than reaching the green in three or four shots and then taking four more to get down.

  • SpaDes:

    Buy the foursome a round of beers. That should help.