I might go to a driving range. What should I expect?

Question by Fly girl: I might go to a driving range. What should I expect?
Someone suggested that I should get out and do some kind of physical activity to shake my mood. In particular, she suggested checking out a driving range. She also said it’s a great way to meet guys. Now, what is this? I know it deals with golf but how does it work? Is it actually fun or will I be bored to tears? Is it good physical activity? What kind of clothes are appropriate? And what type of men are in these places? I’m not really into sports normally and I’m very feminine. Will I look weird going to this type of place alone? Is this even a good idea?


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Answer by mr danger
Fly girl You would actually be better off asking this question by going to Sports==>>> Golf and see what they know
I’m a horrible golfer because I get really frustrated by the fact that while I can hit a ball that’s moving I can’t one that’s standing still.
If you just want to get a good work out go to a batting range ,buy 15 minutes of time and start hitting softballs
What you can expect at a driving range is a lot of guys hitting golf balls
There is absolutely nothing natural about hitting a golf ball and doing it properly is very much a learned skill
Usually what happens is that you bring your own clubs [woods, irons or putter ] and then you rent a bucket of golf balls and start working on your stroke .
Usually these places offer some kind of instruction
The reason that your friend suggested it as a way to meet guys,is that as rule golfers are a lot weathier than bowlers are and in some circles a golf course is where a lot of the business of big business actually takes place
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