I dont know what golf magazine to get. Golf Digest or Golf Tips?

Question by Brendan M: I dont know what golf magazine to get. Golf Digest or Golf Tips?
I ve been getting golf tips and i liked it but i think golf digest may be a better magazine. Tell me what you think?

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Answer by skater_y3a90
I think Golf Digest is a better magazine. Not only it supplies useful golf drills and tips from the top teaching and playing professional (butch harmon, hank haney, tiger woods, tom watson and many more), there are alot of news regarding about golfs. If you pick Golf Digest up, you’ll know happenings around the PGA tour, players’ interviews and tips, fashion, Q&A, junior tournaments, good car and restaurants and many more.

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  • ?:

    I like Golf Digest.Although I received a years free subscription by
    purchasing 25.00 worth of thier excellent products at Target.
    I like the features on the PGA Tour.

  • ?:

    I must urge you to read the UK magazine “GOLFPUNK”

    slighty more “relaxed” than Golf Digest but worth a read

    I purchase Golf World. my fave

  • green_lantern66:

    Personally, I like Golf Magazine. They seem to be more about the average golfer. They have no shortages of Top 100 teachers, including Martin Hall (#10), Gary Wiren (#14), Jim Suttie (#15) and Dave Pelz (#19). Their “golf, but not quite golf” articles are intriguing- some about cars, wine, fashion, the environment. Definitely worth a look.

    However, if it’s between your two choices, I’d go with Golf Digest. Golf Tips is a decent mag, but when I was reading it, I hated the pictures. Too many overlapping, color-coded messes. Hard to match up the words with the pictures. With Golf and Golf Digest, their visuals are easier to see.

  • Colorfully:

    Golf Digest magazine and Golf Tips magazine

  • Kaitlin N:

    GOLF DIGEST!!!!!!


    Golf Digest is best followed by Golf Magazine. They are club pros’s best friend for making money off you.

  • golfgirl37379:

    golf digest
    Check this site out, http://www.golfmaniac.wordpress.com they have some really cool articles and some really good tips 🙂