How Your Golf Posture Can Affect Swing Path

How Your Golf Posture Can Affect Swing Path

How your golf posture can affect swing path. Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward answer your twitter questions.…
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22 Responses to “How Your Golf Posture Can Affect Swing Path”

  • Valley International Country Club:

    Golf Tip of the Day!

  • Meandmygolf:

    Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. Are you losing your posture in the
    backswing? Is that what you mean?

  • nuckster94:

    Great tip, thanks. From Canada

  • Ady Harris:

    I’m def on the heel side thxs for the tip…

  • Meandmygolf:

    Hi Patrick. Thanks for the comment. Very true. Many golfers under estimate
    how important posture is. Get it right and it makes things much easier!

  • Bert:

    Great tip for the proper posture, i just added to my favorites.

  • Hörredu Du:

    Great videos!

  • RXPSteve:

    Fantastic tip, thank you.

  • Meandmygolf:

    Great, glad this helped you and good point about the putting. Very
    important to have a stable base. Thanks


    Hey guys great video instruction!! I personally have come to realize that
    good posture is the KEY to a consistent Golf swing… I started to look at
    fundamentals about 3 months ago and realized that my posture was the reason
    for my failure…

  • Meandmygolf:

    Hi Christian, thanks for your comment. Glad you found this helpful. If you
    have any suggestions for videos, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Will b:

    The second fault your pointed out is exactly what I do, especially with my
    irons. Both feet rise up through impact and I can’t stop doing it.
    Hopefully this video will help, cheers.

  • Nathan Phillips:

    Thanks for the video. Do you have any suggestions which would help one
    determine if their posture is correct? Particularly, with regards to the
    bend in the back and the distance of the club from your body. I have heard
    the club should hit you roughly above the knees if you were to release it,
    is this correct?

  • DaveSender66:

    Good stuff guys!! I appreciate your passion for the game. Can you explain
    how to stop rising up in my takeaway? I then hit weak shots off the toe of
    the club.

  • Se8n:

    Thanks for this video gentelmen. Posture felt so much stronger after this
    tip and even took it into my putting stance.

  • Gazz Mac:

    More great advice on what is a essential part of a good set up

  • Meandmygolf:

    Hi Nathan, good question, I will look at doing a video on posture for you
    next week. thanks for watching.

  • Dr Jones:

    From the position of being too on the toes, can it also cause: 1) shots
    that are slightly on the toe-side of center due to the body naturally
    balancing back to center throughout the swing, thus moving the body and
    club slightly back? 2) loss of upper-spine posture at the top of the
    backswing (shoulder tilting more flat) in order to counterbalance the fact
    that the rest of the body is forward?

  • 13jewelltom:

    Great video guys, I’ve been watching alot and received alot of help on
    drives and chips.12 handicapper from Jax,Fl.

  • David Burrows:

    Another great video guys!!

  • Meandmygolf:

    Totally agree! Sounds like you have a great understanding of the golf
    swing. Everything you said there is spot on!! Thanks for your feedback.

  • Christian Duguay:

    nice !!! this answer my flat swing .. i was more on the heel … now its
    amazing… !!! THX for the tips… best series of video on the net… !!!