How To Stop Slicing Your Driver

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25 Responses to “How To Stop Slicing Your Driver”

  • FartyCraic:

    Cheers for the tips mate. Made green in regulation more ofter today. Next

  • Alex ZHOU:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  • markus åkerberg:

    Very good! Been having a lot off troble getting my driver straght. Just
    bought a new one (cleaveland classic xl) been agusting it to -1.75 to avoid
    slicing. I gues it works to some degrece. Just need to adjust some parts of
    my swing! For my safety on the tee im aiming left, to make sure im not
    going oob, but thats just not acceptible for me. I want to land the ball
    where it suppoded to land! Thats it! Cheers mark!

  • MrJoppers100:

    Great tips mark, I watched this last night, and made a concious effort to
    remember these tips. The most effective tip was flattening the wrists. It
    really worked and stop me slicing! 

  • Kernow Fitz:

    Hi Mark, I watch this video every so often to remind myself of these tips.
    They are very helpful but i tend to forget about them. My question is, if I
    am tending to slice most of my shots, in particular as my clubs get
    longer(longer irons, hybrids wood etc), should i apply these three points
    to all my shots? or does it only really work for the driver? Thanks in
    advance :)

  • dubarpeter:

    Forgot to ask, should you do same thing with irons?

  • dubarpeter:

    Great stuff, really helped me. Unfortunately you dont show where the ball
    position should be in stance

  • Terry Bull:

    Mark..thank you,that little wrist turn had solved everything for me.How I
    wish i could find a teacher like you locally…again many thanks

  • Eric Dyer:

    Mark, I have the same question as another viewer with regard to he base of
    fingers grip vs the Hogan forefinger-to-palmpad grip. Recall he said with a
    proper grip one can hold the club using only a curled forefinger and the
    butt of the club wedged under the pad of the palm near the wrist. Curious
    what your thoughts are?

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  • Winterstick549:

    Works for Tiger thou,,,,but a proper golf swing feels weird period.

  • thcc contrast:

    Yo Mark, thx, it really helped me, still need some practice, but I’m
    getting there,…without my slice!!!

  • ih8pikeys:

    Ya, it totally feels weird to me too.

  • Winterstick549:

    When I tried the interlock grip, I felt I was going to break my finger

  • ATony2046:

    Thanks Mark. Very helpful.

  • TheBeastyboii45:

    Thank’s Mark, really helped my slice issue (and it was bad, 45-50+ degree’s
    in most cases) no tricks or anything just straight golf knowledge, was able
    to outdrive a few friends the other day, wiped the smile right off their
    faces! cheers 🙂

  • rackum44:

    Very true about getting through the ball. A lot of people hit at the ball,
    they will never square the face up…. Good video thanks!

  • Nate:

    Gonna try it! I slice something fierce!

  • Chuangyee Bock:

    Thanks Mark. This video did it for me! I lost my draw a couple of games ago
    and just couldn’t seem to find it back until your video. I have been
    slicing like crazy until I watched this. Simple 3 step check and voila, my
    draw is back!

  • ih8pikeys:

    I’ve read that interlocking is better for smaller hands, but really it
    should be what ever you feel most comfortable with.

  • Paul M:

    Thanks for the helpful videos Mark. On the instruction with the driver, you
    suggest gripping at the base of the four fingers of your left hand. Ben
    Hogan suggested that the left hand grip was more across the fingers and
    lower palm of the left hand. Can you explain the difference please. Is this
    for driver only, or all clubs? Cheers

  • jeff norman:

    keep the good work up thanks

  • Jeremy Bradshaw:

    Hi Mark, and thank you very much for the helpful tips. Quick question – the
    wrist flattening technique you’ve shown here with the driver, can you
    please comment on whether or not, and if so to what extent that same
    technique should be used with other clubs (woods/irons)? Thanks again.

  • thomasasay:

    I did every step that mark said and hit the ball as good as ever. I now
    have control of my club head in all parts of my swing. Big help thax!

  • Andy Dawson:

    Hi mark recently uploaded a video of my driver and 3 iron swing I used to
    have a major slice on my driver and with just watching a couple of your
    videos I have seemed to make that slice go so thanks alot ! Can you maby
    have a look at my swing a tell me what you think ? Thanks