How to select the right golf equipment?

Question by : How to select the right golf equipment?
Im not sure what kind of golf equipment I should by. I hear people talking about shafts and degrees but how do I know what is right for me?

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Answer by Shawn
You should get fit tested. Call around to your local golf clubs and find out where you can get fitted. Most stores will fit you for free, but of course they want you to buy from them. There are several reason to get fitted for clubs. It will help your game, especially if you are a beginner.

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  • Harley Drive:

    regardless of any other advice the only way is to try them and if you go to a golf shop either do not tell them your handicap or tell them it is 3 or they will treat you like a moron

  • Haydon:

    I’m assuming you’re fairly new to golf, maybe just starting out? There are 3 approaches:

    1) Talk to the pro your having lessons with (you are having lessons, right?), a qualified pro should be able to point you in the right direction as to what clubs will suit your game. Once you’re armed with that basic information, visit a reliable and trustworthy golf store where the staff will be able to find the best clubs for you.

    2) Pick up some golf magazines or read the many excellent articles and reviews on the net from trusted sources like Golf Digest. Most golf mags will rate equipment not only on quality, but also take into account what the target market is for those clubs. The benefit of reading a lot about clubs is that you will learn the theory behind various aspects of club design, the downside is that you may overload yourself with too much information and get confused.

    3) A combination of the above. And this is what I’d recommend. Knowing some theory helps, but you really want to learn this stuff gradually as you continue taking lessons and practicing.

  • Sam:

    The best thing you can do (if you are serious about golf) is to get fitted professionally. They should measure swing speed, height, trajectory, grip size, ETC. i just got fitted for clubs two days ago, i would definitely recommend golf galaxy, they have great fitting area and they are extremely helpful. they tested my swing speed which ended up to fast for womens clubs, so i got the new ping g15 irons and the taylormade burner superfast woods and drivers, they will do the rest. 🙂 good luck

    Have fun

  • dmartin2214:

    Go to a reputable dealer and get a fitting. For $ 35 at some places (or free at others) you will be given specifications for your build.