How to Increase Club Head Speed in Golf: Swing Myth BUSTED!!!

How to Increase Club Head Speed in Golf: Swing Myth BUSTED!!! Click the link above to watch the full “Lag Builder” video for FREE!!! Video shows how to…

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  • Golf Instruction:

    Thanks rackum44!! ~Clay Ballard

  • rackum44:

    Very well explained

  • Golf Instruction:

    I believe you are referring to their axis tilt (tilt of the spine at
    impact)? All of the people you mentioned have almost all of their weight on
    the left foot at impact. You will notice this when you look at the right
    foot. It is coming off the ground through impact and into the release. We
    have several weight shift videos in the “Weight Shift” section of the video
    player on the website. Check those out, they go into a lot of detail.
    Thanks, and good luck! ~Clay Ballard

  • gpy001:

    Why does Tiger, Bubba, and Jamie Sadlowski transfer their weight to their
    left side when they start the down swing, and transfer it back to their
    right at impact?

  • David Schultz:

    Meh…I’ve yet to have someone explain to me as if I were a 4 year old how
    the hips generate exponential increases in clubhead speed. The torso and
    arms can move independently from the hips because the spine is multiple
    vertebrae. To me, why the hips move is to simply open the way to help you
    swing the club through to a full finish. Pretty much allowing you to look
    pretty at the end instead of truncated like the swing you made at 1:18. How
    and what they do should really kinda “just happen”.

  • Golf Instruction:

    I would agree with you David. There is a lot of instruction out there that
    would say “rotate your hips as hard as you can to increase clubhead speed”
    though. Sounds like you have the right idea. I will talk to you soon. ~Clay

  • David Schultz:

    I think the lower body should stay stable and the idea that the hips move
    fast in fast swings is to keep the timing right. If you swing slow nothing
    will move fast. I’d say it’s all relative

  • Golf Instruction:

    So they say! In reality, The faster the hips, shoulders, and arms,
    decelerate (at impact) the more clubhead speed is transferred. If the hips
    rotate too quickly, the arms are left behind and the kinematic sequence is
    thrown off. This means there is a big loss in distance. Watch my video on
    hip speed, and the “learn how to release the club with no effort”. I think
    the science behind the second video will surprise you. Good luck with your
    game Stanley! I will talk to you soon. ~Clay Ballard

  • jason stanley:

    But the faster you turn your hips, the faster your torso turns and the
    faster the club whips , it’s part of the ingredients of a good swing.

  • skagns rla:

    Wow 109 mph without using your lower body. I have the same swing speed
    radar and I’m aware of all the components you mentioned in this video but
    my average ss is only 102-105. I turn my shoulders 90 degrees and have
    decent lag as I’ve seen in slow-mo so is it because I’m not releasing
    properly or just difference in strength? Highest I’ve gotten was 115 mph
    which was me swinging as hard as I could so I can’t imagine swinging at
    that speed without over exerting myself. Thanks! Love your videos

  • Golf Instruction:

    Thanks. ~Clay Ballard


    Good video clay. Thanks again

  • Golf Instruction:

    We have them on our site. Click the link in this video and then go to the
    training aids section. They are very useful. They help you to find out the
    difference between effort and true speed. A lot of times the faster you try
    to swing, the slower the number due to incorrect movements. Good luck with
    your game Josh! ~Clay Ballard

  • Josh Frank:

    where did you get that speed/radar monitor?