How to hold lag for a more powerful golf swing

In golf, there are power swings and control swings. It is important to use the appropriate swing for the shot at hand. Tiger once did this and could bomb it …

Right Wrist Action in Golf Swing - Golf Lesson by Herman Williams Golf Watch as Herman Williams, PGA Professional Golf Instructor in NC, explains the role of the right hand and describes in deta…

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  • Kenneth Simmonds:

    similar to pkeylain, this sport is VERY technical and this hits it on the
    nail. The 26:26 of explanation is worth it if you know how to follow and
    imagine the explanation. What did it for me is “…not setting the club
    early…” (like Ernie) which creates the natural release of the hands at
    the top of the swing.




  • Jigme Dadul:

    u wasted my time. 

  • Chris Walsh:

    Make a good video that does not bore people and actually teaches people

  • MrLuigiFercotti:

    If you get anything from this it should be what KM says at the 9:20 mark.
    The left arm needs to stay back on the chest and not early release. I
    always had “lag” defined as the club-arm relationship. Reading KM’s
    articles clued me into the importance of left arm lag to get a true late
    release. Early separation of the left arm is fine for control “arm” shots,
    but the arms need to be passive or restrained during the early downswing.
    After a lifetime of arm-golf, it’s not easy to retrain yourself.

  • Michael Mason:

    all the ‘good’ lag examples you show all have very bad ‘chicken wings’ on
    the follow thru—not good!

  • ellis505:

    thanks, finally a video on HOW to hold lag not just loads of bull shit
    instruction videos telling us what it is, thanks a lot

  • Matt Martin:

    7:45 says it all! I think this is the key…if your lower body is unwinding
    as the upper is still rotating back this “stretch” increase create torque
    in the swing and, if your hands aren’t choking the club, this extra force
    can be transferred to the left thumb a little easier, thus creating more
    “lag”.I think some people understand that instinctually. Maybe its just me
    but I find it tough keep the arm swing “speedy” with all that load…it’s
    all about finding that happy medium…cheers:)

  • FullTimeHypocrite:

    thanks good video

  • Alan Byron:

    Dull as dishwater presentation

  • FairwayJack:

    I got my speakers on 10…. my PC volume on 100% …and I can barely hear

  • Kurt Justin:

    show some one whos not triple jointed

  • Michael Foster:


  • pkeylian:

    Kelvin, thank you! I have been trying to create lag for years. Your
    technical explanation finally opened my eyes to how it’s done. I can now
    get into the pre-impact position that has eluded me for so long. Thank

  • Dan:

    Great video Kevin!

  • Mox_au:

    and he was never seen again lol

  • FitFast8:

    If your left arm is pull against your chest on the downswing your arms will
    be lagging well behind your body-requiring big hip/body rotation to square
    the face.The left upper arm should be touching the chest but thats it if
    you want to keep the arms and body in sync.

  • Ron Judd:

    Thanks. Science at last!

  • Kevin Lee:

    This is great information! I’m looking forward to putting these principles
    into action. As close to it as I can anyway.

  • juicyfruitzy:

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this detailed info. 26 minutes was
    not enough for me. I wanted more. Don’t understand how some folks complain
    when you get gold nuggets like this that I couldn’t get from teachers that
    I paid a lot of money to explain to me. Years of lessons and it has never
    been broken down like this. Thank Kelvin! It is very much appreciated.

  • j diehl:

    enjoyed the video and ideas, thanks

  • brown55061:

    My guess is a guy like Sadlowski isn’t trying to hold lag with his wrists,
    it’s likely a bi-product of having his hips and legs so far ahead of his
    shoulder/arm turn. Jamie turns his shoulders like 110* and his hips around
    45*. I wish I was that flexible, but I can’t get my left shoulder anywhere
    near that far to the right.


    Hey, I am going to make a video of my driver swing, I am 58 years old, and
    people ask me from time to time how I hit it so far. I only have a flip cam
    but it is HD. You might find it interesting. I put my new driver swing
    together over the last 2 months. It’s different but it works! Of course I
    don’t have the shoulder turn or length that Jamie does but I guarantee you
    I can still crank it 300 or better without a ton of effort, just technique.

  • John T:

    Are you going to post the video?

  • paul j:

    26 minutes??? REally?

  • Anurag1999:

    really enjoyed listening to the science of the lag in the golf swing.


    Thank you Herman! For me,this is one of the most important tips I ever
    My left hand v points towards my right shoulder like many teachers teach
    but no one teaches the right hand v is pointed more towards the chin.Now I
    can really feel the compression with the trigger finger and have much more
    feel and control of the club face.WOW!

  • Grant Hooper:

    this strong grip stuff needs clarified. not sure if you meant to suggest
    that if a weekend golfer adopts a strong grip he may flip or if you are
    teaching something unique here and meant that it doesnt work for what your
    teaching….but…. if you look up the research of kelvin miyahara, a
    renowed golf teacher out of hawaii and some biomechanics professor he
    teamed up with…. they do surveys and studies of tour swings and did like
    300 on grip and relationship to clubshaft. they were surprised to find that
    the standard grip was not standard. but that a slightly strong 2 1/2 to 3
    knuckle grip was by far the majority, with some going 3 or 4 knuckles and
    very few going 2 knuckles. even more revealing….they posted pictures of
    high speed 300 frame per second impact of each guy corresponding to their
    grip and found ZERO guys with a three or four knuckle grip having the
    clubshaft pass the hands. guys like tommy gainy, graham mcdowell, jb
    holmes. dustin johnson, robert garrigus were what the impact looked like
    for 3 and 4 knucklers. pretty much every drive holder was 3 knuckles
    plus… i think keegan might have been a little weaker than the rest of the
    drive holders. and of the roughly 20 swings that flip-rolled….. all of
    them were either weak grips or a combination of weak one hand and the other
    neutral. so im surprised to hear someone say that a strong grip causes
    flips. guys like ricky fowler, brian gay, daniel chopra, dj trahan, louis
    oosthuizen all had weaker grips.

  • donny kurniawan:

    This helps me alot with the right hand not being so dominant, weak right
    grip. it Prevents me from rolling over the top swing. thanks!

  • Jonathan Morgan:

    Hello Herman- if the right palm is facing away from the golfer at the top
    of the swing, won’t that put the club in a severe across-the-line
    position? I ask because I’m struggling with being across-the-line and
    having to re-route the club on the way down to get the club on plane.

  • Jason Reed:

    I feel like this is a great video for those, very much like myself, who are
    constantly laid off at the top. Watching this video was the first time I’ve
    been able to stay on plane to the top and not over swing.

  • Houls61:

    I struggle with a low hook with my driver. I’m going to work on this grip
    and it seems to me with my right hand on top like that I can really rip
    through the release and not worry about the snap hook. Thanks.

  • vince guest:

    Right hand weak,knuckle pushing forward…trigger finger,dorsiflex to some
    degree or other in backswing,90* right elbow down and into ribs,weight
    shift,palm down..pressure and then throw right palm facing down…got
    it!Piece of cake.

  • protokletos:

    Thank you very much Herman. I just got back from the range and was having
    problems with control and I felt very wristy. I already was gripping my
    right hand like your video shows, however I was not keeping my right palm
    locked onto my left thumb–just as you mention quickly in your video. I
    think that solved it for me!

  • Jeffrey Bartone:

    I was Herminated! By the Herminator! Thanks Mr. Williams for the lucid
    illustration of right hand work. Can’t wait to get to my next golf shot.

  • Donnie Warren:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ! I have struggled for years with
    overswinging, casting, flipping and coming out of my posture in my golf
    swing. I have tried many different things but I failed to identify the key
    role the right hand and trigger finger has in the swing. It wasn’t until
    this brilliant golf instruction video that I started to look at my grip.
    The right hand feels weak, but I am able to really compress and trap the
    ball ! The divots are better, and more importantly I have stopped
    collapsing and flipping! If there is a “secret” in golf, it has to be in
    the grip!

  • Daniel Calise:

    Hi Herman this is a great video on what the right hand does, but can that
    flexion cause you to get flat on your take away if you do it to soon? What
    is the spelling for flexion , dorside?

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    @lovebirdie214 thanks … vacation is going great – 5th day of golf in a
    row today!!!

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    James, you could certainly do that, but it likely would impede some of the
    flowing speed you get as the club transitions and the wrists set or hinge a
    little extra starting down. The other warning is a big forward press often
    leads to a takeaway path that is too far inside causing swing plane issues
    throughout the rest of swing. avoid thse pitfalls and it may work fine for
    you. thanks for commenting

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    @breaktrainers Thanks for watching and commenting. The short irons are
    naturally easier to release and unfortunately easy to come over the top due
    to their shorter length shafts. The result will be pulls. I would first
    focus on driving the butt of the club targetward to see if that will keep
    your path online while also delaying your release. Simply imagine jamming
    the handle to the target prior to impact to delay that release & keep the
    shaft straight over your toeline. – Herman

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    @Tuck1030 thanks

  • haricsl:

    Great set of vids, very concise and articulate. I agree with pretty much
    everything you say. However, I too disagree with the right arm push through
    swing shot. I agree you can teach a golf swing like that but in my opinion
    the feeling should relate more to the left arm swinging as a result of body
    pivot, rather than the right arm hitting..imo Thanks

  • Tony Coppola:

    Herman, does the right wrist action through the ball feel like any other
    common practice? Is it like hammering a nail with a hammer? Thanks, Tony

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    A sidearm hammer blow would be similar. Skipping a rock is similar but you
    need to let the right hand turnover like a topspin forehand with a tennis
    racket or ping pong paddle.

  • alpione:

    Thanks for the video! How long should we keep the right wrist bent? It
    needs to be so through impact at least to help maintain a flat left wrist,
    but when should it be straightened (if at all?)

  • bizallin:

    4:30-5:10 is sheer brilliance.

  • James Bob:

    Herman I commented on one of your other videos about the right hand but I
    think this answers some of my question. I think a fundamental problem was
    in my grip I would re grip and all the rest and right hand would slip off .
    Would I be right in saying one purpose of having the right hand like this
    is so that it releases in a rotational manner and not scooping? Can I
    therefore focus in using the right hand to to trigger the release from the
    hand and not think about the left hand ?if grip is right

  • andeochful:

    “both palms” , sorry

  • secretogolf:

    Herman shouldn’t the top of the right wrist postion be at about 45
    degrees.In Nicklaus’ Golf My Way he has this position as being the best-45
    degrees-,sighting that in the tray position there is a better chance of
    casting the club.

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    @secretogolf Thanks “secret” … good commentary.

  • Herman Williams Golf:

    Simple answer is … YES. Thanks for watching and commenting. – Herman