How To Hit Pure Golf Strikes

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25 Responses to “How To Hit Pure Golf Strikes”

  • craigherbert25:

    I do a lot of crossfit (olympic lifting and power lifting) which is massive
    on core stability and power from the hips. Also has a high degree of core
    to extremity coordination. Just decided to go get a golf lesson as i hadnt
    played in a year. Besides a few small changes the pro loved my swing. I was
    consistantly hitting around 190 to 210 meters (not yards) with a 5 iron. I
    could not believe how much more power i get now in my swing, and my focal
    point now is just to relax. So work on your core strength!

  • Steffen Schulz:

    Great advice, thanks. Makes sense. There is too much advice out there that
    over complicates the game. This keeps it simple and sensible.

  • Andrew Foulds:

    This is something I need to do

  • Todd Marier:

    Telling someone to slow down into the ball? I don’t know about this one.

  • Richard DeVoss:

    Great training video!

  • Przemysław Bech:

    Hi Mark, If you read this please explain how are shoulders moving in
    relation to hips throughout the swing. I find that when I him successful
    shot I start moving my shoulders just before hitting the ball. So from the
    top of backswing to the begining of the release I only move my arms and
    hips, with weight transfer of course. If I don’t do that it is impossible
    to have shoulders paralel to the target line at impact bacouse hips are
    30-45 deg open. We can notice that as a lag: hips then release.

  • Layton Wilkinson:

    Thnks already strike ball well but pro at club said to try and find ways to
    strike better. Really helped

  • Jack Lapcewich:

    If you no longer want your job, hmu.

  • disturbed34drummer:

    Great video. Cheers

  • Zeth Peterka:

    Great veide!

  • Jim Ballard:

    I love your reviews, also your app is amazing. I

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Learn how good players hit pure golf shots.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    Hit it pure and lower your golf handicap

  • MiniBlueDragon:

    Great info Mark. Ties in fantastically with the Golf MTRx app too!

  • Paul Schmitt:

    It’s amazing how much sense every one of your Weekly Fixes makes. My
    understanding of the swing is so much better now that it ever was before I
    started watching your videos. Great job, and thank you!

  • Tyler Chalk:

    Good one! Consistently been striking the ball on the inside if the irons
    (if not off the hosel). Definitely going to try this exercise this weekend.

  • ZeroSumJ1:

    This was very helpful. Resubbed. For a while the only tips you were giving
    were to get fitted. Thanks Mark.

  • Chris Dorsett:

    One of the best explanations I’ve seen of this subject

  • Remi Andersen:

    Have you ever tried a mgolf club?

  • Collin Mckenzie:

    Mark, I have irons that are 4-5 years old (Cobra S2 forged); is it worth
    getting new irons? Are they going to help me shoot lower scores? Thanks.

  • fnecj3:

    Great video! Keep up great work Mark!

  • SpartanCL1989:

    Nice video Mark! How long do you feel is normal to use the same set of
    irons? I know a few people still using original Eye 2’s. What’s the normal
    turn around you see, or do yourself? Keep up the awesome content!

  • David Bourlet:

    do you even have a brother or is it you who has hatred?

  • AboveMediocrity2010:

    RE: Graph. The hips and chest decelerate and the hands are peaking. Where
    should the hips and chest be to deliver all that hand velocity with

  • trent colburn:

    Great video! I found that once I stabilized my head thru the backswing and
    downswing my lower body “quieted” down. I now feel more balanced on my
    follow thru and to finish. Ball striking has improved and I’m seeing more
    center face hits.