How to Hit a Lob Shot in Golf : Golfing Tips

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Golf Tip: Golf's Most Important Lesson In this golf lesson. Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, Charlie King cover the most important skill in golf. It is a critica…
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25 Responses to “How to Hit a Lob Shot in Golf : Golfing Tips”

  • Fraser Paterson:

    I like the ‘train track’ idea Charlie, to get you hitting down on the ball
    slightly. This is something I need to do, as most of my longer irons just
    keep on running once they hit the ground, which means I have to plan for
    that inmy approach shots. This makes the game evben harder on certain holes!

  • kevin brown:

    Exactly, a solid stroke impacting the ball squarely is the most important
    thing, and unfortunately the most difficult.

  • Symmes1:

    I have played golf for many years and have the frustration over and over
    again of not hitting the ball flush. It is very frustrating. I will try
    these drills. Another problem I have or at least I think I have is I am
    left handed but play golf right handed. I used to bat right handed when
    playing base ball so I just started golf right handed. I feel comfortable
    right handed but not consistent with striking the ball. My distance is weak

  • pat52010:

    One way to achieve what he is talking about is letting the arms fall into
    the swing from the top of the backswing , letting the hips lead. If you
    start thinking too much about the hands, you are dead in the water!!

  • Lv2zam:

    I’m sold can’t wait for my session to start Sep 11

  • 6027228:


  • megadre091:

    @theazn07 you probably couldn’t hit a golf ball 75 yards

  • Steve Mummert:

    Great Video! If you want to hit your drives even longer, Google Worlds
    Hottest Drivers.

  • theazn07:

    @starshipsteve there’s nothin confusing about hitting a ball wit a pole lol

  • Randy Parrish:

    Usually when someone flips their hands at the ball it comes from something
    else in their swing. Usually it is from coming over the top. If you come
    over the top you have no choice but to flip your hands at the
    ball….otherwise you would never hit. This is where hand eye coordination
    can hurt you. If you start with a bad back swing or bad down swing your
    eyes lets your brains know where the ball is and your hands/body is going
    to do whatever it takes to hit the ball.

  • joe will:

    U need to read a few books… Open UR mind..

  • goldmine332:

    heey all i have recently purchased a 6 part golf dvd SET which teaches you
    every single technics you will need to know to play golf like a pro! and
    actually it is tought by a PAGA professional and he covers every single
    technick and mutch more that you will need to know, i learned to play like
    a pro in less than 2 months lol its a great instructional dvd, but you do
    need to spend time on practice and what it teaches you in each dvd…if you
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  • Phil Hurrle:

    Charlie, there’s much more to fixing the flip than aiming at a point on the
    ground. After all, you’re supposed to swing through the ball, not at it.
    Your drill discourages this.

  • Jesus Macachor:

    Most teachings in golf is like teaching monkeys instead of teaching the
    students the scientific reason.Even the best golfers learn like idiot
    savants that’s why they change golf coaches.

  • Sean Mysel:

    I teach and the most important part of the golf swing is honestly your
    attitude towards making shots. Most people get into the mindset that they
    have to swing the club one way all the time, swing every club the same.
    Problem is most people never swing a golf club to make plays. Having the
    balls to try and bend a shot around a corner or go for those extra yards.
    Most instruction tries to turn you into a machine instead of being a human
    being and taking risks.

  • Mark Crossfield:

    well now ive watched this video i wont make that mistake again at my lesson
    at exeter golf driving range

  • Jesus Macachor:

    Scooping is very common because many beginners don’t understand the
    mechanics. They want to help the ball go up instead of just pinching the
    ball to the ground and let the loft of the club with the groove create the
    underspin for the Bernoulli principle to work.

  • warwolfii:

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a good video, a good tip and a good instructor.
    It’s just that I had to laugh because this is about the 875th video I’ve
    seen that supposedly points out the most important thing to know about
    golf…and no two are the same! Will someone please step forward and tell
    us what is REALLY the most important thing about the golf swing? Maybe it’s
    getting the check to your club pro in time for the next lesson.

  • starshipsteve:

    G.O.L.F. (Gentelman Only Ladies Forbiden) is awesome but far to confusing!

  • lutzchoco1:

    we all know that……. in fact lifting the ball instead of compressing is
    a malfunction from the very start of downswind… and teachers will NEVER
    tell you on how to but rather don’t do this , don’t do that bla bla bla

  • charliekinggolf:

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    will get free videos there! 🙂

  • David Breslow:

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  • Andrew Bowen:

    yes in our club championship I lost with a nett 65, as someone shot a nett

  • Jason Hops:

    What you really mean is that I need to recite more lines from Mommy
    Professor. Memorizing and reciting PC Dogma is the exact opposite of using
    one’s mind.

  • Jason Hops:

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