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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Paul McBeth was on a quest for the Disc Golf Grand Slam in 2013 but came up short at The United States Disc Golf Championships. He finished on a high note se…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • James Hill:

    Great stuff! I carry both a three and four hybrid and this was very
    helpful. Also when are you guys going to get to Texas?

  • moreme40:

    Makes me want to come across the pond and take a lesson

  • Tim Koch:

    Another excellent video gents… and lady! I’ve been playing my 3 and 4
    hybrids with the ball way to far forward and come away with some very
    inconsistent results. Love Abigail’s take away… a nice low and slow move
    with lots of control. Well done!

  • speedinon:

    Her hybrid looks more like an iron with a wide sole. I have a Stage 2 4&5
    hybrids where the face is slightly ahead of the shaft like a “metalwood”.
    Should I “sweep” mine or should I swing it with a slightly descending path?

  • Andi Mayer:

    She’s cute ! And Iove the slow backswing, looks really good :)

  • Damm Z:

    Why do I usually hit ground balls when I use my hybrid? What am I doing

  • ouodo:

    did you edit an iron sound effect over top of abigail’s contact?

  • Nathan Parkhurst:

    At the start of the season I was playing mid 90’s, now thanks to your help
    I am consistently playing mid to low 80’s. Thanks for all of the help. As
    always looking forward to more videos. 

  • Richard L:

    star abi ………..well done!!

  • Johnny Hally:

    Will you guys be continuing your “chip like a pro” series? 

  • Will Busby:

    Love the videos, guys! I noticed Abi’s swing is pretty slow like mine is.
    Is there anything different that a slow swinger must do in the golf swing
    compared to a fast swing? I’ve used your videos to get rid of my
    shank/slice but now my bad shots are hooks/pulls. I’m thinking this could
    be an influencing factor?

  • Matthew Holloway:

    Very impressed with you two using a crash test dummy so to speak! brings
    the idea of online golf lessons to life!! well done

  • Felipe Graham:

    Does this girl have down syndrome if she does she hits really well

  • Robert Dore:

    I always enjoy your videos.

  • James Robertson:

    I am 15 and a handicap of 15 but I watched my swing but I tend to jump and
    my back foot raises on the downswing this cause my body to go up. Is there
    any way to sort it out or any drills? Also you have help me go down from a
    20 to 15

  • Richard Gaule:

    I sent on the pic guys 

  • William Geddes:

    I have a 15 degree 3 wood and a 19 degree 3 hybrid but my hybrid goes a
    little bit further !! Thanks 

  • Satyanarayan Sharma:


  • CSXGP38:

    I am buying a new set of Adams XTD irons with 3 and 4 hybrid clubs. Never
    had hybrids before so I’m glad to find this video. I hit a hybrid from a
    playing partner a few times and hit a huge hook every time. 

  • Cris7401:

    I would like to thank you for this video. I’ve had hybrid clubs for many
    years but never put them in my bag because I could not hit them the way I
    wanted. Because of this video, I realized that I was addressing the ball
    like I would a 3 wood (or metal). Now with the ball placed like an iron,
    I’ve been able to throw my 3 iron, 4 iron, 3 wood and 5 wood out of my bag
    and replace them with a 17 degree and 20 degree hybrid. I’m progressing
    well and am nearly into the single digit handicap now! Thank you, thank
    you, THANK YOU!

  • Tom Bonser:

    what is ur handycaps, including abi’s?

  • xsarahxrichx xsarahxrichx:

    What a happy young girl, good video

  • Patrick Kaa:

    Her swing puts me to shame lol, well done abi!!!

  • Pastor Rodriguez:

    Next, we teach Abigail how to shake hands, haha, jk guys. Great video and
    had that question since I first got my hybrids. Can’t wait to head out to
    golf range tomorrow. 

  • Chris Heil:

    Was Barsby throwing a Buzz on #1?? Thought he was sponsored by Diety Discs

  • kingrusky:

    Great video! great group of players. Who dat Barsby?

  • Alex Padilla:

    32:49 foot fault?

  • Steve Huebner:

    Great job Terry!!

  • aRustyHam:

    How are they starting at -1 if this is the first round?

  • caleb brown:

    Terry Miller, I love you

  • Connor Lingerfelt:

    Barsby is sponsored by deity but I’m sure he throws a mixed bag as they do
    not have a full line of discs out yet. 

  • donnielp3:

    ROFL. “If the world champ says that it’s safe then it’s safe, right?”

  • Jake Shirkey:

    Great quality, and really nice commentary. Thanks for the quick upload!

  • melynda:

    Thank you for this great video coverage! 

  • Keep On Huggin:

    Woot! Chris Waugh was my doubles partner once. Its awesome to see him
    playing the USDGC

  • sayhey420:

    Terry is a beast

  • JohannStrauss:

    McBeast mode in rd 1, here we go.