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25 Responses to “How To Get Sponsored By a Golf Company?!?!”

  • Harrison L:

    I was always told in high-school if you accept money in a tournament over
    $50 you were considered a pro and couldn’t play high-school or college golf
    because you were considered a pro. Unless you have someone else take the
    money and give it to you in their name. but that’s just what I’ve been
    taught. I’ve had my dad put the money in his name before because I play
    college golf. 

  • Jake Reddick:

    Blairs swing though. Wish I was that god that I could say ‘just make
    birdies’ haha. Class vid again gabe

  • HeidisBrother:

    Great video. Blaire has come a long way since he was in your first vids.
    Seems like a great guy (no homo). If you guys ever wanna hack around one of
    the goat tracks around orange county hit me up…on me (no homo again).

  • James Harris:

    You two, 9 hole scramble. Both play two balls each see how low you can go
    as a team! The whole thing on video!

  • Nate D:

    This guy is a BEAST

  • Tron Bennett:

    Another great vid. Thanks. I plan on turning pro next year and this helps a

  • DjTak3On3:

    PAT test where I am from is 36 holes 15 over is the limit. its a high
    target but the course is not straightforward.

  • EyeAmBatman:

    Passing a PAT opens more doors for sponsors though… There is a difference
    between a pro and a class A pro.

  • chris williams:

    Trust me Blair is dead on. If you call taylormade and ask to be sponsored
    they will look at you like you crazy. Best way to get hooked up is win
    tourneys and be seen. It’s not all glitz and glamour. Getting paid is

  • Ryan Kwon:

    Damn, that contact is pure. Love Blair’s new mindset too. 

  • HeidisBrother:

    Dude…you need to get a kickstarter or something going to get Blair into a
    good event!

  • PureSwingTV:

    What other questions do you have, Thanks! #MTI

  • Michael Boyajian:


  • Coy Miller:

    So did Blair buy his Taylormade stuff? I watched his witb vid and thought
    it said he got it for free. 

  • Gavin Lee:

    EPIC VID! Completely appreciate the insight of Blair journey to where he is

  • condensedmic:

    Love it! I need to practice more 

  • robocop30301:

    Great vid!

  • Scooter Koerner:

    Who is this guy. He sounds really good. Why wouldn’t he be on the PGA

  • Es Sko:

    isnt there a possibility to donate money for blair to give him an
    opportunity to compete?

  • Casey Hall:

    Nice video bro! If you are ever around Auburn, Al lets play a round!

  • IrishBoyChrissy:

    Blair is the man, keep it up lads! 😉 

  • Daniel Ahyauddin:

    Hope you guys get your chance to get on tour, both seem like great players
    and people

  • Finnian O'Doherty:

    Easy to see you guys play together often.. you both have the same tempo.
    Gorgeous to watch! Come to Ireland and I’ll get you guys on the best links
    courses for free 

  • Logan Emily:

    He must have never played Winterstone golf course in Missouri. Better the
    Hooke. It is zoysia with bent greens. Better layout. 

  • Tiger Scott:

    Any chance you could caddie his next comp and do some vids? It would be
    awesome to see.