How to Driver a Golf Ball Longer and Straighter

How to Driver a Golf Ball Longer and Straighter

How to Driver a Golf Ball Longer and Straighter?

As a golf lover, do you wish to know how to drive a golf ball straight? Here are some tips that hopefully will help you become a better driver from the tee. Maybe some of thoes tips you have already been used.Just think how much easier golf would be if you drove it down the fairway most of the time. There are several factors that play a role with your golf swing and more so with the driver since it is

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the longest club in the bag. If you slice the golf ball then you will naturally have a bigger slice with the driver. This means that if you know how to drive a golf ball straight then it should become much easier to hit your irons straight. Don’t you think so?Believing you can smash the golf ball down the middle of the fairway is the first step. If you scored poorly on the previous hole then that may be all you are thinking about especially if you had a great round going. Make sure you have proper equipment. A 10 degree driver is very adequate. Most pros have this kind of driver and have great success.Use the

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proper grip pressure. You can easily practice this at home. Take a full tube of toothpaste (take the cap off too) and gently sqeeze it with your whole hand. You want to sqeeze with enough force that the toothpaste almost comes out. That’s about how hard you should grip the club. If you find the club slips out of your hand, then your grips on your club need to be replaced. Someone at the local clubhouse at the golf course can tell you who can do that for you. However, don’t take the toothpaste out to the golf course. It’s just not right! When you step up to the tee box it is very hard not to notice water or sand if our slice is bound to push the ball in one of the two hazards.

Start to focus on the fairway after you notice any type of hazard. It is helpful to
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visualize your entire golf shot prior to hitting. See yourself making a perfect swing and see the ball landing exactly where you want it to land – down the middle of the fairway.By coordinating your body so the weaker side of your body doesn’t get in the way of your stronger side, you’ll be swinging smoother with more power without trying to swing harder. Remember those tips in your mind and make more practice you will get a good swing.

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