How To Do A Great Golf Swing

Watch How To Do A Great Golf Swing from the world’s leading how to specialist. This informative video will give you helpful instructions to guarantee you get…


Luke Donald - slow motion golf swing

Here is a good slow motion video of Luke Donald. In 2011, he played some very consistent golf and became the #1 player in the world. You can learn a lot by w…
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48 Responses to “How To Do A Great Golf Swing”

  • Hee-Woo Rhee:

    This shows the secret of golf swing, Until now I thought that my hands or arms were laeding the swing. It is really simple. Thanks a lot.

  • Stephen Monash:

    A nice review of the basics. Still can not understand the shoulder turn. The drill is clear but not sure how it should feel when swinging arms. I like to feel the left shoulder replaces the right to turn the shoulders. I also like to feel the weight on the inside of the back heel at the top.

  • Cihat Esen:

    Attention Golfers:
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  • MrBath1985:

    7.07 his left arm breaks this is not a good technique

  • Winterstick549:

    Phil Michelson is a righty, but he would stand across from his father while he hit and emulate him.

  • kismet bridgeforth:

    Thank you, this is great and much easier to grasp.

  • Cedric Wildblood:

    Actually first introduced by his friend and rival JH Taylor

  • columbuzz:

    This is one of the better informative videos I have seen! Thank You, the golf tips is what I needed for a more consistent swing!

  • wayne thomas:

    excellent video bit.ly177aZK8

  • Donn Glock:

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  • Thanayuth Panuraj:


  • Thanayuth Panuraj:


  • Allen Burdett:

    excellent video. covers subject perfectly!

  • superhylen:

    is it only me that started off with a righthanded golfclub and now can’t switch to a lefthanded one? (im a lefty)

  • buyphen375review:

    Great vid. Lets take it to the range.

  • wayne thomas:

    Learn the Basics of Perfecting Your Golf Swing and See the Results on the Links in Days

  • Chris Gonzalez:

    thank you, this was a very imforming video and will help me a lot ttoday at the driving range!

  • Christen Gavin:

    Good video. Thanks.

  • wotcherme:

    I can’t take any golf instruction video seriously when it says ‘the perfect’ golfswing.

  • MrJp2988:

    Very useful thank you

  • ActingLikeABoss:

    It’s ok. 😀

  • digiw0rx:

    I apologize 🙂

  • ActingLikeABoss:

    Urm… it’s not very obvious it was a joke. I can’t tell facial expressions or intellect through a YouTube comment. :/

  • digiw0rx:

    Urm… it was a joke?

  • ActingLikeABoss:

    This man was a touring professional, so I doubt he missed it. It was probably a practice swing, or maybe just an example of what to do.

  • Timothy Wavertion:

    For anyone who needs to improve their game there is a golf guide on with some good tips and break 80 how to steps.

  • Mariusz Łada:

    It is very nice swing.
    I found even graet tips from Joe Potty.
    Potty’s four keys you can learn here ==> 9nl.mefourkeys/

  • DaanGolfing:

    beautifoul swing 🙂

  • Cihat Esen:

    Attention Golfers:
    “Amazingly Simple Secrets Shave At Least 7 Strokes From Your Game And Add 50 to 70 Yards To Your Tee Shots… Guaranteed!”

  • masa21ki2:

    His driver is TaylorMade and irons and wedges are Mizuno.

  • Joal Harding:

    A swing of beauty!!! Thank you. Sharing this with my students.

  • Kapsproductions:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to check it out, yes my miss hit is mostly a pull hook. I am thinking of joining a golf school this winter which includes lots of 1 on 1’s with a coach so hopefully he can help me improve. Once again thanks for replying and checking it out for me.

  • allaboutthepump:

    had a look…you have great dynamics…but looks a bit hit and miss to me…try being a little more constrained in th set up…but keep the venom of the hit….club also looks to be going around you a bit…with the amount of hip kick and general snap at the ball your bad shot is likely to come from hands being trapped and behind body…so block slice or pull hook depending on how hands time release….go see a good coach as you have dynamics of a tour pro…just need to tighten it all up a bit

  • allaboutthepump:

    how closed is his club face…he can only body release …if he hands release like that it will go left…hence short comparatively off of tee?????

  • pri handoko:

    look up..

  • Kapsproductions:

    looking for help with my swing, anyone willing to check it out just go to my channel

  • FairwayJack:


  • wayne thomas:

    plane swing Great video


  • lodkikiev:


  • teewoods:

    At true one plane swing. Good for short guys like me

  • Matthias Schuetze:

    Nice video. I wish I had a camera that records at such high fps rate. Mine only does it at 30 fps so you can’t see as many details.

  • kanginmo95:


  • MrTrythebest:


  • Edgardo Tojino:

    maybe a 7 iron.

  • Jay Neuhoff:

    Do you know what club he is hitting?

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  • ken thom:

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