How to deal with a rude Driving Range instructor?

Question by Rob: How to deal with a rude Driving Range instructor?
I was driving with my friend one day. My friend told me to try his 3 wood. After a swing I told him that the 3 wood’s shaft shook more than usual on my hand. Suddenly out of nowhere this young driving range pro (in his 20s) commented on my swing “you didn’t hit it solid …”. I was offended by this driving range pro because I DID NOT HIRE HIM OR ASK AN OPINION. Even my friend said to this arrogant pro “No he he hit it solid!”. but they the arrogant pro kept talking and talking…. I just kept replying “oh really!”……. What can I do in this situation?
I asked a female friend of mine who keep getting unwanted tips from driving range pros she did not hire at the time. She said “it’s so annoying that I kept getting these unwanted tip from some driving range pros”.

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Answer by dmartin2214
From my perspective, the pro was only doing his job. He is a professional and just offered his comments. If you don’t want anyone to comment, you might get a bucket of balls and go hit them at the city dump. Golf is a game of advice and suggestions—in my opinion, the pro did no wrong.

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  • c g +1:

    Going to the range can be a lot like going to the gym by yourself. You are totally exposed, you are in a very vulnerable position, and it is almost guaranteed that some know it all will tell you what you are doing wrong! Now we would all like to reply to that guy “If you were worth a damn you wouldn’t be working here”, but we don’t because he already knows that. And we know he knows it! And he knows that we know, etc etc. So we take a little pity on this driving range golf pro, who no doubt thought he was going to play for millions of dollars on tour instead of selling $ 7 buckets, and say either “thanks, I’ll keep that in mind” or better yet, “I appreciate it, but I’m really just trying to hang out with my friend right now. I’ll be sure to let you now if I would like a lesson.” This also works for “free golf advice guy” either on the range or course.

  • John F:

    I would find a new driving range.

    Despite what the other guy said, it is not the job of a golf pro to give unsolicited advice. Something vague like “you didn’t hit it solid” isn’t much help anyway.

    My guess is he was trying to get you to sign up for a set of lessons. Apparently, he thought you would be spell-bound by his every word because he is a professional, and you’re just some hacker who doesn’t know how to hit a ball solidly.

    I’d probably just stand there and fold my arms until he got the clue and walked away.

    Really, I would find a new driving range.

  • rbkgolfshop:

    The driving pro had nothing better to do at the time so he bugged you. That driving range pro obviously do not get hired most of the time. And the way he approach people is rather awkward. I suggest to ignore him the next time he bug you on the range.

  • *DJM*:

    teaching pros are glorified shoe salesmen dude!!…they r f*#kheads……absolute f#cking captain know-it-alls….u cant go 2 the range without 1 of these nerds butting in!!…this dork tried givin my brother a tip (after my 220lb brother was so frustrated he couldnt hit the earth with his driver) and my brother said ”shut the f#ck up pencil di@K or im gonna rap this driver around your comic book reading skull!!!!!!…funny s#it!!!!!!.


    Just tell them “Thanks but I am working on something.”

  • tcmae:

    Well first of all, does he even work in that Golf Course/Driving Range? Well if he does, he is just trying to help you out, and giving you tips for free, since you have to pay to have a golf pro teach you. But if he doesn’t work there, it matters to the rules of the driving range, because you have to be and authorized employee of the facility to teach at that range at most ranges if your going to teach someone how to play in the driving range. If he doesn’t work there, I say you report him to the golf facility, like tell someone working in the pro shop.