How The Hands Work In The Golf Swing Hinge, Club Set

We here the words hinge, club set and we think we understand what this means. When I say understand I mean the words hinge and set the club are actions that …

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  • findyourapproachgolf:

    Glad it help you. That’s what this game all about is learning and figuring
    out what works for each person. But through the year of me playing
    tournament golf and I never have had a golf coach. I spent a lot of time
    studying the game and seeing what was working for me and what was not. So
    it seemed like then that every video I would fined would say it has to be
    done like this. But then I see the best players and all of them swing
    differently. So my goal was to put out videos that give people room to find
    their approach. Because their is a core part that has to have the
    fundamentals in place then after that it’s what ever you can do over and
    over and over again. Thanks for checking out the page. Hope to get some new
    videos up soon. Just been busy getting ready for events. But I’m from
    Alabama. And live just outside of Birmingham. Good luck to you and your
    golf game in the future

  • Steve Kolacinski:


  • Brion Russell:

    You take the time to post these videos and I just wanted to say thank you.
    I came across your videos last night and watched this one and a few more.
    After following your advice regarding placement of the right hand on the
    club properly, I was hitting solid golf shots at the driving range today.
    I was hitting the center of the club face and I could feel and see pure
    shots leaving my club. So thanks man! I wish you were in Alabama so I
    could buy you a beer.