How go I politely ask for an autograph?

Question by Larry: How go I politely ask for an autograph?
I’m a junior golfer and I’m 16 years old. Tiger woods will be filming some golf tips and I will be the junior he will work with on camera in china. I’m excited about meeting him thursday and I’m loving china right now (Hong Kong) how do I ask him for an autograph without him thinking I’m just another golfer who wants his signature. As a black make I look up to him alot. Thanks

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Answer by Phil
Simple use these words.
– may
– please
– thank you
One question… Didn’t Tiger Woods cheat? In Golf and in life?

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  • ana:

    I would do this
    first I would ask him the Autograph and while he is giving to me i would start talking about how much I enjoy golf and golf stove. try to keep the conversation long as much possible and he will know that your not like just another golfer.
    hope it helps can you answer mine now please