How do I get over the fear of playing golf on my own, without a buddy?

Question by e_castro77: How do I get over the fear of playing golf on my own, without a buddy?
I love golf but none of my friends like it. I want to lower my handicap but I’ll need to go alone to the golf course and get paired up, my handicap is extremley high, how do I get over the fear of going at it alone and making an ass of myself?

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Answer by AndOfHisChrist
When I first started, the guys I played with (random people I was paired up with) noticed that I was new and tried to help me. If they are jerks about it, just ignore them and play your game.

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  • adrizzock:

    You don’t necessarily always have to play with someone if you go without your buddy. Alot of times, if you get there early, they’ll let you play as a single. Truth be told, sometimes I really enjoy playing as a single. You can go out there and drop a few balls at the same spot and actually get some good practice in. Hitting balls at the range is great…but nothing beats on course practice…plus it’s nice sometimes just to take in nature and enjoy being outside without having to talk with anybody else. But on the flip side…one day you may get paired with somebody who’s just like you….a single who doesn’t have a golfing buddy and is looking to improve….just like you. You guys could become best of friends and there’s nothing better than having something in common with somebody than the love for the game!

  • RobNSilver:

    I got paired up last year with some guys. I played a few holes with them, they were better than me by far so since there was no one behind us, i told them to play through and i stayed a hole behind them so i could goat my own pace.

  • Kevin B:

    Its intimidating but about 99% of the time the people you are paired with are really nice and are willing to help you out. Just follow all the rules to stay on their good side and you will be fine. It took me a while to get over that fear as well.

  • idez9:

    We have all started at the beginning…Even Tiger didn’t shoot Par coming out of the womb….Playing alone will greatly improve your game. 100% of your focus and attention will be on YOUR game and not on your buddies……Ever wonder why Pro’s can give you a shot by shot description of a round they played months ago ? CONCENTRATION !!!!!!!!
    I bet you will make 1/2 the errors your are typically making…..Suck it up and Hit ’em Straight !

  • ConnorWilhem3:

    I’m surprised no one explained the idea behind Par 3 courses.

    Start playing on short Par 3 courses. My par 3 course has $ 350 per year membership and you walk on whenever you want.

    I found that most of the “members” were high handicappers just like me and it was fun getting paired up randomly. There are some par 4 holes so I didn’t feel as much pressure bringing out the big stick.

    I would also try to play with old retired guys. You’d be surprised how many old guys just want to be outside and could care less about how badly they play.

    I would stay to stick to par 3 courses and repetition. The more times you get paired randomly, the more you’ll get used to it.

    I would also try beginner’s group lessons. My local community college offers cheap golf group lessons to the public and the college blocks out times where we go out on the course and play holes as a group. I’ve met a few golf buddies that way.

    Don’t listen to people who say 99% of the people you pair up with are nice. I would say that most people on full length courses are a-holes who will leave you in a second if you play slow. Also you don’t want lessons from some random 10-15 handicapper. Chances are they don’t know what they’re talking about and everyone’s swings are unique.

    That being said: play the right tees and pick up your ball after 8 hacks, meaning after 8 hacks and you’re not on the green then pick up and just go to the green.

  • wizebloke:

    Go to your golf course with time for a game, and practise putting. Try and strike up a conversation with others there because they are about to start a round of golf. If you get along with someone, ask if they have 4 in their group or if you can join with them. Tell them you are a hacker.

    If they joke too harshly about your tee shot, back out of the group and say yo0u’ll catch another 3some

  • Leafsfan29 is on the 1st tee:

    I play as a single all the time in addition to a regular game.

    In getting paired up with another golfer/group…some suggestions.

    Above all else, pace of play and etiquette is more important than your skill. Play fast, have good etiquette. Help look for lost balls. Stand far away from your playing partners when they’re hitting. Play from the appropriate set of tees.

    Look…give me an 18-20 handicapper who moves along quietly and plays ready golf over a single digit handicapper who moves at a glacial pace, won’t shut up, walks in my line, and generally annoys the living bejezzus out of people.