How can I practice my golf swing w/out a golf club?

Question by Jay: How can I practice my golf swing w/out a golf club?
I’ve just begun a course in learning to play golf, and the easiest exercise is swinging the club with one arm.
The problem is that, being totally new, I do not own any golfing equipment. I’d like to know what I may use to substitute.

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Answer by googie
A shortened broom handle,a stick the length of a golf club which is approximately 42 inches, can be used as a substitute. The best thing is going to Goodwill, Salvation Army and the like . They have golf clubs in a barrel which are relatively cheap. Buy one and swing the real thing.

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  • bradley m:

    i would check around your neiborhood. re-sale shops garage sales ect. you might find somone who has an old set upstairs in the basement you could use for a wile or find yourself a 9 iron and a golf ball. at the re-sale shop it is one of the best clubs to work on your tempo and swing. if that doesnt work and you are stuck on a remote deserted island i would find a stick about 36 inches long or so maybe tie a 56 degree clam shell to the bottom of it and work on your sand shots. maybe if you have the free time build your own golf course on a smaller scale. its fun and can be built with a little imagination . now you have a place to track your progress and track you score. have fun!

  • nobull54:

    A short broom would work great, it would give you a good visual of the opening and closing of the club face as you swing it. A yardstick, or even a stick from the yard. Another great exercise that mimics the swing is the old grade school exercise of windmills. Stand with outstretched arms, bend slightly from the hips and turn your torso back and forth. Put your hands together and do it some more. This gives you the feel of a swing and proper weight shift. Sick a golf club in your hand and you are golfing.

  • Ann:

    Lol, of course you can. so clever!! you can find sth like golf club. like this you can make good use of your used thing and save your money. at the same time you can practice it at your home. maybe broom is good. maybe you can find others or do it by yourself which you thought.

  • darber:

    It’s difficult to practice the golf swing without a club. That’s like trying to swing a baseball bat without the bat. It’s just not the same.

    I don’t know where you live, but I suggest that you visit the local Salvation Army, Goodwill and Thrift stores to pick up a few golf clubs. I used to stop in the Salvation Army stores in Southern California when I lived there to see what clubs they had on sale, and I was stunned – once in a while – to find that they had brand news clubs on sale for $ 1 or $ 5 each. They also had a lot of thrashed clubs, but if you drop in every now and then and sift through their stock, you will probably find a few jewels.