How can I get better at golf?

Question by Ty: How can I get better at golf?
I’m trying to get better at golf, what are some golfing tips a beginner should be aware of, especially for driving.

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Answer by S’all good.
Stand a little closer to the golf ball than you think you need to. Keep your body parallel with the tee, and don’t rotate/twist your body. Instead focus on keeping your body static and only bringing up the golf club, and then after you have swung, you should follow through with the club for extra distance.

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  • Robert:

    have good fundamentals. correct grip, stance, address, take back swing, finish.
    next level forward arm straight, your other elbow away from the body, start your swing by snaping your knee into your forward knee arms the swing your forward shoulder comes under the chin, and in the downswing your other shoulder will come thru passing under the chin.
    you next level is preshot routine, mental focus. and in the mean time practice putting chipping and your shots from 100 yds and 150 yds are laser precision.

  • Spy:

    This needs a little bit practice dude to improve your golf you should play golf daily or thrice a week about 30 mins and watch tutorial videos also read ebooks of golf tips. You can watch and download videos and ebooks of tips and tricks for free..

  • John Lynch:

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