how can i effectivley choose keywords for seo?

Question by freestylefootballer: how can i effectivley choose keywords for seo?
i want to make a disc golf site to sell disc golf discs and accessories as well as provide good disc golf tips. what is the best and most effective way to choose keywords to get maximum traffic from seo?

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Answer by Terry
there are a few methods which I would recommend.

if you go to the googles keyword suggestion tool and type in your main keyword – keep the show synonyms button checked and google will show you similar searched for keywords.

Choose keyword which are searched for alot and check the competiton in the actual seach engine itself so that you know how many sites your up against.

You can check the competition in google by typing in your keyword and see what figure it shows in the top right corner. the lower the number the easier for you to get top rankings

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  • Carletta H:

    I suggest keyword elite… I’ve use their service and it works very well for me…

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  • Chris Y:

    Google actually has a few keyword tools that are available. In their Adwords system, they have a Keyword tool and a “traffic estimator sandbox”. They also have a “search-based keyword tool” that you’ll want to visit (referenced below).

    That said, quality SEO goes far beyond the selection of appropriate keywords. An experienced SEO will be in a position to not only help you select appropriate keywords, but also optimize the HTML, filenames, links, etc, to maximize the improvements that you’ll see due to SEO.

    Happy to provide additional info if you’re interested.

  • Kay:

    Keyword research is the most important part of your online marketing campaign, so you are smart to ask this question.

    You’ll use your keywords in every aspect of your SEO and inbound link building efforts! This includes your page titles, headers, content, and URLs among other things. So it’s well worth it to spend some time on keyword research.

    As an SEO specialist, I primarily use Google’s keyword tool. It gives me the information I need to help sites rank on the first page of Google. I also check out the keywords being used by top-ranking competitors to make sure nothing is being overlooked.

  • Content Marketing Guy:

    To get maximum traffic, you have to rank high for a given keyword. By high I mean being on the first 3 pages of the SERPs.

    For “disc golf”, there are about 2.6 million competing sites. That’s a tough keyword to rank for as a beginner. However, if you must rank for it, you must use it. But, initially, you should try to rank for less competitive variations like long-tail ones.

    Somewhere between 1,200 to 50,000 competitors would be comfortable for beginners. It’s not a rule just a suggestion. You can go higher but the point is, the less competition the easier to rank high. Eventually, you can start using tougher variations.

    By long tail, I mean longer variations that still have “disc golf” within them. Never use synonyms as these have different spellings. You rank for them separately, and they will be shown in entirely different result pages.

    You can use the free Google AdWords keyword tool to find modifiers of “disc golf” that are less competitive. Uncheck the synonyms.

    Learn and apply on-page SEO. The more important task, however, is off-page SEO. You should be building an unlimited number of quality backlinks.

    Quality backlinks are one-way hyperlinks that use your keywords as anchor texts. They should come from relevant high PR sites, preferably with different domain names and IPs.

  • Jenni:

    The first thing you need to do is come up with keywords that describe the content of your website. Ideally, you know your users well and can correctly guess what search strings they are likely to use to search for you. You can also try the Website Keyword Suggestions Tool below to come up with an initial list of keywords. Run your inital list of keywords by the Google keyword Suggestion tool, you’ll get a related list of keywords, shortlist a couple of keywords that seem relevent and have a decent global search volume.