HItting the driving range alone?

Question by Camnadian: HItting the driving range alone?
I want to go to the driving range but my golf buddies can’t come.I really would like to work on my swing. Well people think I’m a loser if I’m hitting balls alone? I’m 20.

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Answer by Ole Blue
nope, theyll think you are a serious/good golfer(depending on how you hit) haha

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16 Responses to “HItting the driving range alone?”

  • satanpoohh:

    Nah, just think of it as a stress reliever.

  • GBeck:

    It shouldn’t matter what other people think. Most likely, they are there alone, too.

  • Rowdy:

    never worry about what other people think. most people go alone anyway at least where I go.

  • Pissed @ Global Warming:

    gawd no, I’m there everyday its called practice… Heres a question when did everyone become so self-conscious???

  • jon:

    they will think your a serious golfer

  • bridad36:

    I never even think of calling my buddies before I go to the range, usually they don’t even want to practice. That’s probably why I always kick their ass.

  • golfman:

    why would they think that??? if they dont know you…..who cares!!!!

  • Zack K:

    I am 15 and go everyday by myself. People don’t care if your a hack or a pro. Go by yourself and just treat every shot like its your last shot. So when you see your golf buddies again you can be better than them.

  • haha:

    Not at all man, take along your ipod or mp3 player with some headphones and just get into your own little focused practice world.

  • iowangolfer:

    Hey man do what you got to do. This will show how serious you are about your golf game.

  • Dakota P.:

    try going with your dad and no they will not

  • Kevin:

    People go to the driving range by themselves all the time. Especially people who are trying to work on their swing. You won’t be the first, nor will you be the last to go to the driving range by yourself. I go by myself quite frequently. Good stress relief, and I like being able to practice my swing.

  • green_lantern66:

    I’m 30, and I do it. Who cares? You’re not there to show off. You’re there to work on things, or get away from real life for a little while, or (if you’re at an indoor range in February) golfing in a climate-controlled environment.

    Do what’s right for YOU. if that means going to the range alone- do it. Look at it this way: at least you won’t be getting unsolicited, more than likely false information about your swing.

  • philebbesen:

    dude im 22 and i try and go everyday. i prefer going alone so i can do what i want and not have to worry about others wanting to leave early.

  • Greg:

    What? I don’t know anyone who brings their friends to the range. Golf isn’t a team sport. In fact, if you do see a group of guys talking and laughing while hitting at the range, you can bet that everyone ELSE there wants to kill them! So, absolutely not. Golfers PREFER to practice alone without distractions. I GUARANTEE YOU, no one there will think it’s odd, or will be thinking about YOU at all! They’re all there “alone” too! Go and don’t even think about that. It’s a complete non-issue.


    There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the range by yourself. If you are serious about your game, the less distractions you have, the better off you are. This is especially true if the company you usually bring are poor players filling your head with bad advice.