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  • GrandmasterN:

    290 avarage carry with that swing… wow. With my calculations based on
    smashfactor, he would need around a 115MPH swing speed to carry that. Not
    saying he cant do it, just saying that his swing did not look 115mph.

    Anyways… nice video!

  • shawn silva:

    This one really worked for me


    Thanks Shawn! Another helpful video. I took this instruction to the range
    and was effortlessly working and driving it deep. I’ll test it on the
    course this week to see if it was a fluke..haha. Your videos have greatly
    contributed to me regularly shooting high 70’s from mid 80’s. If I can play
    from the fairway more often off the tee, then I can realistically see a par
    coming! Thanks again Shawn!

  • Nicholas Rowe:

    This guy is better at teaching golf than Hank Haney. I’ve had a lesson with
    Hank, and he helped no where close as much as this guy does. THANK YOU SO
    MUCH SHAWN!!!!

  • paqman78:

    That last drive of yours reminds me of when I went to the range a couple
    weeks ago and I was stressed about something and I just wanted to unwind.
    While there I just kept swinging my wedges with nice easy strokes.
    Therapeutic 🙂 Then I thought to myself I’d take out my driver and do the
    same, slow smooth swing – just to experiment. Lo and behold, I hit every
    single one straight, and I only lost 10-20 yards compared to when I go full
    blast. Unbelievable. My mantra now: “Trust the club”.

  • mrjsadallas:

    “you dont want to be short and crooked do you?” – said so under control
    and under the radar…..Nice! Love the videos,keep em coming.

  • Nency Varghese:

    Shawn – I hope I get a chance to meet you sometime so I can get an
    autograph. Thank you very much for all the videos. I am a beginner and have
    learned a lot from you. I stil have a long way to go but will keep watcing
    your videos. Thanks once again!!

  • Nam Hai:

    What the fuck are you talking about. He said it carried the 150 marker by
    40 yards. That’s 190 yards. That’s a very easy swing with a driver. He was
    trying to demonstrate how to swing smoothly. And 120 mph is not the swing
    speed, it’s the club head speed. You don’t have to look like you’re
    swinging your shoes off to get high club head speed. Look at Fred Couples.
    I have absolutely no reason to doubt that Shawn can drive it 290, and
    probably much longer if he tries.

  • prorobo:

    Minus the awkward pause at the beginning due to the lack of cue by the
    cameraman, great advice! Big fan of your tutorials which is why I’m
    subscribed. Hopefully this helps my driving a bit. Thank you!

  • Shaun Smekel:

    Hi Shawn, I want to ask you a question on swing speed; I use low torque
    stiff shafts and if they’re not hit hard enough they won’t produce much
    loft. So what I am feeling for in my swing is the flex of the shaft in the
    backswing and the feeling of lag on the downswing. If I was to swing slower
    I wouldn’t get the sensation of the club flexing at all and distance and
    loft would be less, so what I wanted to ask is: Do you have a similar
    feeling of your club flexing in your shots?

  • Shawn Clement:

    Yes, without any issues, always have been a long hitter and routinely hit 7
    irons for my students to the 200 yard marker…One of my younger assistants
    Matt is even longer! 🙂 Shawn

  • Tim Rice:

    Shawn, i would love to see that last drive from the front angle

  • Kurt Justin:

    shut the club face a few degrees then see what happens, then adjust more or

  • rianco:

    Great video! 1 question. Wouldn’t thinking about swinging only 150yards or
    200yards with your driver throw off your natural rhythm and tempo?

  • Shawn Clement:

    Please have a look at “high draw driver shawn clement” video; you need to
    understand that the driver is the only club in the bag that you hit on the
    up-swing; also see “grass whip on course strategies shawn clement” for more
    on this…

  • MAK9912:

    Hi Shawn. I started taking my game seriously about a year ago. And I
    started by watching your videos. For months, I tried getting that feel that
    you keep describing. It took me almost a year to find that feel. Then one
    day at the driving range it clicked. I’ve never hit my irons so
    consistently. I easily gained 20 yards on each iron since. I practiced my
    pitching as you described and knocked 10 strokes off my game. I recommend
    your videos to all my friends who are taking up golf.

  • randomhero1090:

    You Tin Cup in the flesh? 🙂 I thank you for the reponse. You are
    centainly sneaky long and demonstrate that free-flowing motion with LESS
    effort will gain you MORE distance.

  • andrew prouse:

    Hi mate I’m always curving the right everytime? Any ideas in how to stop
    that? Thanks

  • R Cooper:

    I hit 7 of 9 fairways this past Sunday…this guy is the heat. Watch all
    the vids

  • dbags111:

    Great instructor!!! Helped my game a lot and as for Bodycage your name
    speaks for its self.. I bet you can’t hit past the ladies tee box.. Why
    don’t you go visit Shawn and see for yourself instead of acting like a
    total idiot??

  • wayside1988:

    Shawn what are your thoughts on shorter ( 43.5″ ) drivers

  • Shawn Clement:

    Not a chance dude! When watching golf on TV you will often see the ball
    leave the screen to the right only to show up on the green moments later
    after being struck to the right which will cause it to spin left and draw
    back to the hole; this shot had a 2 yard draw and flew straight over the
    150 marker in the middle of the fairway. Shawn

  • David Kerr:

    ‘Slowest club in the bag’… this is the hardest concept for me in golf.
    Slower than a wedge, Shawn?

  • Chris Olmstead:

    I have this problem, as soon as I slow down I get out ahead of the ball.
    Have trouble slowing my rotation down. I suppose the ability to slow down
    and speed up at will, in the long run, will make my shot’s off the tee more
    consistent. Going to the range today, will work on that. Thanks Shawn!!!

  • cvlyons18:

    I really like your videos. The one about the braced side was key for me
    shifting my weight forward for a lower ball flight. I always struck the
    ball well just very high. Keep up the good work

  • Mark Crossfield:

    How To Hit A Golf Driver Really Short: http://youtu.be/I1aK1mNL5nI

  • elroraps:

    This reminds me of a time when Mark and I were younger. His dad used to run
    a burger van in Swindon that did sort of slap up hot dogs and chips etc.
    Place used to be filthy, mouse droppings all over the place and Mark’s job
    used to be to clean them all up. But he never used to just sweep them away,
    he would pick them up individually by hand and put them into a jar with
    vinegar. He reckoned the smell after a year of fermenting was enough to
    fell a horse. He then used to sniff it after 6 months or so and apparently
    it made him high. Was a weird kid but a nice fella.

  • Golfguy076:

    Through the whole video I was worried that Mark’s headcover was going to
    blow away. Tense.

  • Steve Reed:

    I reckon my old driver swing would have been bang on this like just like
    the “bad back” bandit

  • Kr0pD:


  • 3rdgroove:


  • danny worsdale golf:

    Wow twitchard/backard/birdieard/flag arid quality stuff there!! I wonder
    how close James was or could’ve got on tour?! Definitely got talent 

  • Ryan Newstrom:

    This may be the best challenge vid ever. I can’t even conceptualize how
    you would do that shot. Also, lots of lolz.

  • Jeremy Heslop:

    SO this means more course videos. YES!

  • Seamus Griffin:

    It can’t be right that you guys are having sooo much fun……

    Great video, thanks.

  • Dave Bucks:

    quality from the twitchard 

  • The Savage925 .:

    LOL alright give it a rest I know what Im doin!

  • Solomon Spydro:

    And mark your outfit looked on point then, red theme 

  • alestev24:

    I watched a friend of mine make an ace on a par 3 with his driver with a
    shot like that. It was a longer par 3, though, about 190 yards, and with
    the wind hurting and his lack of length and his slice, he really needed
    driver to get it on the green.

  • Jason Smith:

    +Mark Crossfield great antics on the course. Golf is meant to be a game
    therefore to enjoy. Too much stuffiness at clubs. This is great content.
    I’d “Like” it twice if it would allow me to :)

  • Gerard Kelly:

    Me and some friends did the opposite of this. Feathered some lob wedges 300
    yards. Surprised how easy it was.

  • Solomon Spydro:

    Great vid, and really funny 

  • Rhobot:

    You guys make golf fun. I’d like to see a one-club round where one person
    picks the club of their choice, and plays the whole round with that club.
    The shot making and course management skills would be put to the test.
    Thanks again for all the great videos.

  • marXman9573:

    First Picks goes about -9 during the round, while crushing every 1 iron,
    and then almost jars two drivers… I’d retire if I were him, it doesn’t
    get much better than that!!!

  • Ben Norris:

    Backard’s got all kinds of game.

  • Blend That Film:

    Note like this please!!! Really interesting and fun. Also you lot should
    play greeensomes, I’d love to see a #lockfield greensomes combo. 

  • Aussie Taffia:

    Real funny.. Like everyone can’t wait for the course vlog.. They are the
    best on YouTube by far.. Keep up the good work.. 

  • William Blackford:

    Mark me and my 4 other friends are making a channel called golfing for you
    and we are struggling on what are first video should be have you got any
    ideas for a good starter 

  • Barry Frankel:

    Great stuff it is amazing how much fun golf can be!!!!!

  • Cory Delgado:

    This may very well be your best video to date! Hilarious and impressive.