GW Instruction: Play Like a Pro – Lesson 15 – The Swing, Drop into Shot

GW Instruction: Play Like a Pro  - Lesson 15 -  The Swing, Drop into Shot

Learn how to play golf with Golfing World’s golf coach Mitchell Spearman as he runs you through a simple swing tip that is going to help you find that fairwa… MC22’s “Impact Golf” host and PGA professional Chris Winkel shows his 12-year-old son CJ how to improve his golf posture and swing.

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  • Stone Meadows Golf Course:

    This simple swing tip from Golfing World’s golf coach Mitchell Spearmen
    will help you find that fairway or green. By using this tip you should be
    able to improve your swing plane and better strike the ball.

  • Zulfadhli Rahman:

    Golfonax golf sucks..

  • Mrdarwinfinch71:

    Clear, concise and complete.. Excellent. Ever wonder why tour players hit
    it a mile while appearing to apply no effort? This is why.. Most league
    players, Saturday hacks etc usually jerk the club down when they initiate
    the downswing. This drill promotes the smoothness necessary to properly
    deliver the clubhead. Jim McLean didn’t INVENT this idea. Don’t kid
    yourself. Jim is great, but most common golf instruction is the work of Mr.
    Harvey Pennick.. Get your facts straight..

  • Excaliburxxxxxx:

    My game went from BAD to GOOD just by getting into the ‘slot’. All my shots
    went from fades and slices to straight and slight draws.

  • Jonathan Conklin:

    You won’t believe how much help the slut does

  • sandwah9:

    did you give Jim McLean credit for stealing his ideas?


    People don’t understand that they are fighting the proper release (the
    whip) of the club head by using their arms to swing the club. You don’t
    hear the whip until after the ball is struck and it’s the sound head the
    club head turning over. It’s a swoosh swoosh-swoosh. Search for “The
    Ultimate Golf Lesson: Plane and Release by feel.”

  • Yunskinator:

    why didn’t i find this video before? this is exactly what I need to do

  • Mark Gillespie:

    That ravine looks like it’s a mile across

  • stone tiger:

    Tried it today!!! Massive improvement. Just wish i could have a lesson with
    this guy!!!

  • Mrdarwinfinch71:

    @Mrdarwinfinch71 The only thing that he doesn’t mention is how the right
    wrist cock will get more pronounced when the club is “dropped” into that
    position. My estimate is that the initial wrist cock is 75-80 degrees, when
    in the slot it 90 or a little more, it is caused by the tension created in
    the motion and that is where the power either is, or is squandered..

  • bizzwoofer:

    Great video…. one question that would really be greatful for an answer:
    is this technique – the “slot” – does this apply also to irons? Great video
    thank you!

  • FsC TemeZ:

    I’m 13. And i hit golf Ball 180-240meters.

  • gotthard1000:

    Cjs gonna have back problems if you keep coaching him like that

  • Wacklewis:

    haha that kid in the background at 1:21 lol

  • Jordan Alonso:

    his shoulder is dipped

  • Jordan Alonso:

    and he leans backwards on his drives

  • Jordan Alonso:

    im 13 and i locked when i was 9 and i can hit the ball 230 yards oh and im
    4’11 82 pounds

  • Jordan Alonso:

    his back shoulder is way far down

  • John Donlis:

    nice tips

  • DylanGolf916:

    Hi Chris, Great videos! I really wish I had something like this to
    reference when my son was 5 years old. My son just turned 10 last month and
    I started taking him to a local pro for instruction anout 9 months ago. I
    post videos of my son son playing in tournaments and send the links to my
    family so they can keep tabs on his progress. If you have time, would you
    view a view of the more recent videos and possibly give me some feedback on
    his golf swing. Thanks Much!